Casino Loyalty FAQ

What is the Hotel bgo Loyalty Program?

It’s our way of rewarding your play on

How does it work?

Every time you play our games for real cash, you’ll get rewarded with Stars. Collect enough stars to unlock levels and items within the loyalty store. Once you’ve collected enough, you’ll be able to redeem them for the item(s) of your choice

How do I earn Stars?

You earn Stars when you play on any game on our website (excluding those on the bingo section). You’ll earn Stars at different rates depending on what game(s) you play. This handy chart should help you –

Game Type Stars Earned per £10/100kr bet

Slot Games


Scratch Cards


Blackjack & Casino Games




Why isn’t my Star balance increasing?

Star points are only earned by placing real-money bets. Bets placed using bonus funds do not earn Stars, check that you’re not playing with bonus cash but also have a read of the next question and answer. If in doubt, please contact customer services.

Why isn’t my Star balance increasing? I’m playing games for real money!

Stars aren’t credited in real time, the Stars you earn today will credited by 5am tomorrow.

How do I unlock Levels?
  • Your level is determined by how many Stars you earn in a calendar month
  • On the 1st day of each calendar month, bgo will begin to track how many Stars you earn
  • Once you have collected enough Stars, your new level will be unlocked within 72 hours
  • If you happen to join bgo in the middle of a month then those extra days are used in the calculation of your first month’s earnings. For instance –
    • If you join on March 20th then you have until April 30th to accumulate as many points as possible before your target is reset.
  • Your target to achieve each level is as stated below -
Loyalty Level Stars Required

Level G – Lobby


Level 1 – Executive Room


Level 2 – Premier Room


Level 3 – Junior Suite


Level 4 – Executive Suite


Level P – The Penthouse


How do I maintain my loyalty level?

You simply need to earn the same target amount of Stars, as shown in the table above, each calendar month to maintain your level and the benefits that come with it.

How long do I keep my loyalty level for?

We’ll keep you at the level you reach for a period of 3 months, providing you don’t progress further of course! If, after 3 months, you don’t earn the amount of Stars necessary to maintain a level, your account will be downgraded to the appropriate level based on your play.

What are the benefits at each level?

As you progress through the levels of our Loyalty Program, items in the Loyalty Store become cheaper to purchase, and you also unlock new items that are available to buy with your Stars.

Additional amazing benefits that come with each level are always changing, however as a guide, here’s what you can expect –



Executive Room

Premier Room

Junior Suite

Executive Suite

The Penthouse

Withdrawal Reversal Times (hours)







Access to Free Spins Store Purchases

Birthday Bonus

Anniversary Bonus

Deposit bonus store purchases

Access to bonus cash store purchases

Access to real cash store purchases

Priority VIP Support

Invitations to VIP Events

Dedicated VIP Management

My loyalty level doesn’t reflect my Stars balance. Why is this?

Your Stars balance will show the total amount of Stars you can redeem for items in the store. Your loyalty level however, is determined by how many Stars you’ve collected within the current calendar month only.

How do I redeem my Stars for rewards?

Just go to the Hotel bgo page by clicking on your Stars balance within the main balance bar. You’ll be taken to the Loyalty Store within which you can purchase a whole range of bonuses, it’s totally up to you what you spend your Stars on!

Why are some Items in the Store not available to me?

Either your loyalty level isn’t high enough, you’ve reached the daily maximum purchase count for that reward, or you don’t have enough Stars to purchase that particular item. Just hover over/click on the product for an exact reason.

How many Store purchases can I make per day?

Depending on your loyalty level and the item in question, this can change. Deposit bonuses, Real Cash and Bonus Cash are limited to 1 purchase per day, regardless of your loyalty level. Free Spins are as follows:








Free Spins per day