How to Play bgo Bingo

Getting Started

Getting started at bgo is very easy and will give you access to all our online bingo games. Simply click on one of the 'Play Now' or 'Join Now' buttons on the website to find our super fast registration form. You will need to fill in some very basic details, it only takes minutes to register.


Depositing at bgo is very easy thanks to our super-fast deposit feature. We support all major credit/debit cards and even some other payment providers such as PayPal and UKash so you can deposit using a method which suits you. Simply, log in to your account and click on the bright 'deposit' button from anywhere on the site. Enter your card details and your address then input how much you would like to deposit. Your balance will automatically update when the deposit screen closes - its as simple as that!

Remember, we will give you a 200% bonus up to £200 on your first deposit so it makes sense to deposit high to make the most of our initial bonus. For example if you deposit £10 we will give you £30 to play with. Similarly, if you deposit a bit higher say £50 we'll give you £150 to play our games with.

Finding Games and Buying Tickets

When you are registered head over to the bingo lobby. You can find the lobby by clicking on 'Bingo' from the 'My Account' page or from the website. The lobby allows you to find all the latest games and get your tickets so you can be in with a chance of winning bgo Bingo jackpots. Feel free to chat with our friendly chat hosts and the other players during bingo games and if you need any help our support team is always here to help out. Good luck!

Withdrawing Winnings

If you like, you can withdraw your winnings at any time. Withdrawing is easy, just head over to 'My Account' and select withdraw. In the case of large wins we may require some forms of ID and proof of address to make sure we are rewarding the correct person.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is the UK’s number one bingo game. This traditional favourite is a staple of land-based bingo halls and it now dominates the online bingo scene. One of the best things about 90 ball bingo is that there are three winning prizes in every game– which means more cash and prizes to dish out!

90 ball bingo has 90 numbers that can be called during the game. Each player has a card, or a number of cards, with 15 numbers on. These numbers range from 1 to 90 and are laid out on a grid pattern, spread across 9 vertical columns and 3 horizontal rows.

Although the bingo card has 9 spaces on each row, only 5 numbers are filled in with the other 4 spaces left blank, giving 15 numbers in total on each card. The numbers on the card range from 1 to 90, with the first column using numbers from 1-10, the second from 11-20, the third from 21-30, and so on.

When the game starts and the numbers are called, players mark off the respective numbers on their cards until they manage to mark off all the numbers in one row – this is called 1 line. If they mark off all the numbers in 2 rows this is called 2 lines and if they manage to mark off all the numbers on all three rows this is called a Full House – the best result in 90 ball bingo!

The Jackpot is the prize that is being played for. In 90 ball bingo the winnings are split as follows; 1 line gets a 20% share, 2 lines get 30% share and a Full house get a 50% share of the jackpot. Some Jackpots are made up from the cards purchased by players, sometimes bgo will start the Jackpot off at a fixed amount which then increases or a Jackpot will be set much higher like £500 for our special Jackpot games. (N.B for any player contributions, some rooms will have a rake amount taken as well as part of the jackpot contributing to the progressive Jackpot that some games have)

Don’t forget to watch out for the tickets marked progressives as they will have extra progressive jackpots you can win!

If more than one person wins either 1 line, 2 lines or the full house at the same time then the prize is shared equally. So for example if two player’s bingo on a 1 line prize of £2.50 they will get an equal share or £1.25 each.

The Full House prize is the biggest, with 2 lines and 1 line receiving smaller prizes. Sometimes prizes are paid in cash, with the largest sum going to the full house winner, but the prizes can also be gadgets, holidays or anything else the bingo site wants to give away! See the terms and conditions of these promotions for the prize conditions and cash equivalent.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets though because in the last 10 seconds the game locks down so you can’t buy in until the next game!

In the bingo halls, players mark off their cards with a dabber and have to call out when they have marked off all their numbers, but in online bingo players can choose to have their cards automatically marked off and, in any case, the bingo site always knows who has won – so there is no chance of missing out on your prize!

Traditionally, 90 ball bingo is a little bit easier than 75 ball bingo as there are no complex patterns to watch out for, plus the games are usually a bit slower, so 90 ball is perfect for beginners as well as bingo veterans. In online bingo, however, the difference is not so great because the computer keeps a track of everything for you – leaving you to have fun in the chat rooms!

Check out all the fun in 90 ball bingo and have 3 chances to win in every game!

Malfunction Voids all Pays and Play

75 Ball Bingo Explained

75 ball bingo is the favourite bingo game in the US. With a new pattern to play for in each game, this fast paced version of our favourite game is as exciting as it gets! Plus, because there is only one winner in 75 ball bingo, this normally means bigger prizes!

In 75 ball bingo, there are 75 numbers which can be called during the game. The cards are arranged in a grid pattern but unlike 90 ball bingo, the grid is set out in a 5x5 arrangement.

There are 24 spaces in total and one blank space. 5 numbers from 1-15 are listed under the first column, 5 numbers from 16-30 under the second column, and so on.

Instead of playing for lines like in 90 ball games, 75 ball players play for patterns. The pattern is pre-agreed and so all players know what they are looking for. Sometimes the pattern is a coverall, where players have to mark off all their numbers in the fastest time to win. The coverall is usually for big prizes and is the most popular pattern of all.

Other commonly used patterns in 75 ball bingo games include the fat lady, bingo snake, bingo tree, checkers, smiley face and lots more. In fact there are loads of different patterns, meaning 75 ball games are always fun and varied.

The player who completes the pre-agreed pattern in the fewest calls is the winner. If more than one player completes the pattern at exactly the same time, then the prize will be split between winners. If the prize for the game is a promotional prize like a TV or holiday then the cash alternative will be split equally amongst the winners (see the terms and conditions for each promotion on the bingo/promotions page

75 ball games are usually faster than 90 ball games and are excellent for more experienced players. In online games, however, the software will keep track of the pattern required and numbers called so you will never miss out on a win!

Play for patterns and scoop big prizes in 75 ball bingo!

The Jackpot prize for the previous games are shown on the bingo tickets, pop inside the rooms and you can see the active jackpot that you will be playing for.

Like 90 ball games some 75 ball games will have a fixed prize that is always the same, or bgo might seed the prize with a starting amount make sure there’s always a prize worth winning. Other games will be entirely funded by the players wagering contributions.

Malfunction Voids all Pays and Play

Playing and Prizes 90 and 75 Ball

At bgo you can play bingo games using real money (the money you have deposited) and bonus money (the money that bgo has given you to play with). Your real money will always be used first to buy tickets in a bingo game and then the bonus money will be used. Some bingo games will only accept real money, some will accept just bonus. Jackpot prizes are always paid out in real money which can be withdrawn as long as you have met the wagering requirements.

Bonus money will be added to your account if you have met the deposit requirements, this might be using a promotion code or being awarded it by a bingo Chathost.

Some bingo games at bgo allow you to win promotional prizes; these are normally played on 75 ball games and if there is more than one winner a cash prize alternative is split between players. The terms and rules of each promotion are available on the promotions page in the bingo section.

Free bingo games do not require any money to play although there are restrictions on some rooms like you must be a new player or recently deposited within a specified time or have made more than one deposit.

Jackpots in rooms are made up from player contributions or from a contribution from bgo - to make a bigger pot - or a combination of the two, there is usually a small rake on each game that goes to the house.

Some Bingo games have progressive jackpots; these prizes can be won by getting a full house within a set number of bingo ball calls. The prize is made up from a small contribution from each game with an initial amount added by bgo. Every player that participates in a room that has a progressive has a chance to win with the tickets they have purchased.

Progressive Jackpots

Special games like Fairy Delight, Diamond Dreams and Golden Galaxy are progressive jackpot games. The progressives at bgo always start with seed amount to make sure that the wins are always big!

Jackpots apply to both 75 and 90 Ball Bingo but only on games that have them. The jackpot amount shown is for the present game being played.

Contributions to the progressive jackpots are taken from the pot at the start of each game and can be won from the next game onwards.

bgo will also sometimes put a starting amount in each jackpot to make it a really big win!

To win the Jackpot you need to win the full house within a certain number of calls. For example if the number of calls required is 47 then if you get a full house in 47 call or less you will win. To find out how many call you need to win, enter the room click the little pink info icon to see how many calls you need to win the progressive. In the event of a tie, the progressive is shared equally between the winners. To build up the progressive pot a small amount of money is contributed from each game. Currently these are; Fairy Delight 0.5%, Golden Galaxy 0.5%, Diamond Dream 0.5% Progressive Jackpots can be won on both 75 ball and 90 ball games.

Rake and Progressive contributions are taken from the same pot amount so for example a 1% rake and a 1% Progressive contribution from a Pot of £10 will take 10p rake and 10p Progressive contribution leaving £9.80. This rule applies equally for 75 and 90 ball bingo. Since contributions to the progressive pot can be fractions of pennies the amounts actually displayed and paid out may differ by 1 pence.

Should two or more players win a progressive jackpot at the same time then the amount won will be divided equally less and rounded pennies. This applies equally for 75 and 90 ball bingo. Due to the player contributions of fractions of one penny being use to contribute to the jackpot it is rounded down to the nearest penny, this is the amount displayed in the game to be won.

Progressive jackpots may be terminated by bgo at any time or discontinued should there be no winners within specified time periods that will be explained on the promotional pages of this website.

Free Bingo

At bgo you can play in free to enter bingo games, you can find these games under the Free Bingo tab in the Bingo lobby. Free games mean exactly that – it costs nothing to enter. The Free games run throughout the day, each one has a fixed jackpot that you can win by getting Bingo! We have 75 ball and 90 ball variations, some of the free rooms have restrictions which are as follows; First Time depositors – make a first deposit and get access for 24 hours, Re-Loader – deposit more than once and get access for 24 hours. Fun-Free Bingo – you must have registered in the last 7 days. Super free Bingo and Extra Bingo! – You must be a funded player. Free Cash Bingo – open to all.

VIP, Promotional and Jackpot Games

At bgo we like to look after our players, so, every day we run extra VIP games, Bronze, Silver and Gold for our most loyal players. Each of these rooms have fixed jackpot that can be won, all you need to do to enter is make sure you have deposited in the 48 hours and have the correct player class e.g. bronze, silver or gold or above. This applies for the namesake room Bronze, Silver and Gold.

General Bingo

Rest assured, In the event of disconnections, the bingo games will always play in the background in fact, even if you buy tickets for a game but are unable to be there for the start, then your tickets will play out as normal and you will be awarded any prizes automatically by our system direct to your wallet. Don’t forget to check your “my account” / wallet page to see if you are a winner!

Some of our games like Golden Galaxy will always start with a seeded Jackpot. This means that a minimum prize is guaranteed no matter how many players are in the game. When the player contributions are bigger that the seed the pot will grow to make a great prize to win.

The Current seeded games are set as follow; Diamond Dreams: 1 Line 20p, 2 Lines 30p, and Full House 50p. Golden Galaxy: 1 Line 20p, 2 Lines 30p, Full House 50p. Fairy Delight: 1 Line 2p, 2 Lines 3p, Full House 5p. The Current Rake values for the rooms are Fairy Delight 10%, Golden Galaxy 10% and Diamond Dreams 10% for the pot amount up to £100 and amount over £100 is raked at 30%, so for example if the pot is £110 then the first £100 is raked at 10% to give £10 and the remaining £10 is raked at 30% which is £3 leaving a total pot of £97.

The player numbers and jackpot prize on the front of the bingo tickets in the main lobby show the number of players in the previous game, click on a ticket to enter the room to see the current jackpot prize pot and number of players currently entered.

All Bingo games that require player s to purchase bingo cards will use Real money before Bonus money from the player s wallet.

Rounding Prizes

The following rounding rules are applied to each type of bingo game.

  1. 75 Ball Fixed (bgo supplies the prize) and wagered games (players contribute to the pots) pots - the single prize is rounded down per winning card. For example if 2 players win a prize with player 2 having two winning cards the prize is split three ways. So for a pot of £100; Player 1 gets £33.33 and player 2 gets £6.66.
  2. 90 Ball Bingo Fixed (bgo supplies the prize) and wagered games (players contribute to the pots) pots – The percentage split for the three prizes; Full House, 2 lines and 1 line are split rounding down to 2dp. Example a £9.99 pot split 50%, 30% and 20% gives us 50%=4.99, 30%=2.99 and 20%=1.99. Each of these prizes is then split equally between winning cards rounding down to 2dp.

Where a prize is a gadget, TV, holiday or similar the bingo rooms will display the Jackpot amount as 0p. Any prizes or cash alternative in the event of a tie will we awarded by our customer services team.

Game Rakes and Progressive contributions are taken at the percentages specified from the original starting player pot contributions excluding any company contributions.

Since bgo operates over the internet as an internet connected bingo game, from time to time there may be connection problems between players computer and the bgo bingo servers. Rest assured that all games are played out entirely on the bgo game servers and are designed to be resilient to interruptions. Should your game be disconnected any winning s that would have been won including jackpot prizes will still be credited to the player’s wallet.

Being logged into the bingo portal using your bgo username and password will create a continuous game session as long as you have an active bingo window open. Logging out from the bgo website will terminate this game session. Closing you browser will also cause the game session to timeout after 20 minutes. This applies equally for 90 and 75 ball bingo.