Chat Guidelines

Hi my name is Sarah

I am the chat host manager here at bgo - nice to meet you! bgo Bingo has a fantastic community full of friendly faces! It is really important to us that our players feel comfortable, relaxed and respected in the chat rooms so that you can all enjoy playing your favourite games in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

That's why we've draw up some chat guidelines to make it easier for everyone to understand what our chat rooms are all about - and how you can help make chatting at bgo even more enjoyable for yourself and your bingo buddies.

We ask all our players to read our guidelines before joining in the fun in the chat rooms. Please have a browse through now - we hope these guidelines will help keep the bgo chat rooms the most welcoming and friendly in online bingo!


Messages in chat should always be typed in the language of the chat room - so in the UK all messages should be in English please. This is so the chat host and other players can understand your message and help you with any questions. It also makes all players feel included in conversations in main chat, so no one is excluded from the fun!


Please use only lower case letters in chat – capitals makes it look like you are SHOUTING! Please only use capitals if the chat host asks you to. Your username should be something appropriate for all our players to read – including the sensitive souls! Please choose a username in good taste. Keep it clean please players! No racial, ethnic or sexual innuendos can be displayed in chat.


Please only use the private message for friendly chat in accordance with these guidelines. Any abuse of the private messaging facility such as inappropriate chat, blocking of hosts and advertising, may result in your chat being suspended for 30 days, which we don't want to do!


We want chat to be friendly and fun, so we obviously won't tolerate any arguing or harassing of other players or the chat host. Please try not to swear – that means writing swear words normally or spacing them out. Swearing can offend people and make them feel uncomfortable. Let's keep it clean and fun!


Asking questions, talking about the games and about bgo and other fun stuff. Please do not use the chat rooms to advertise, endorse or promote any other gaming site in private or main chat. We don't want to but if you do, unfortunately we may have to suspend your chat for a while (30 days).


Bit of an obvious one this one, but worth mentioning. The security of all our players is paramount. To help us keep you safe, please do not post personal details in main chat, such as your real name, e-mail address, phone numbers etc.


One of the best things about chat rooms is the chat games! These games are fun, friendly and entertaining games played in our chat rooms. We want all our players to enjoy them, so please play in accordance with the chat game rules and these guidelines. Anyone not doing so will be suspended from chat for 1 day.


We want the bgo chat rooms to be fun and friendly places with a positive attitude. Any negative comments about multiple wins, the number of cards other players have in play or other similar non-sporting comments will be considered rude and offensive. Any players who repeatedly make rude comments will be removed from chat.

Any problems in our chat rooms? We want to hear about them. If you have any concerns or questions, please report them to the chat host or e-mail If you have any complaints about anything chat-related, please contact us at Our friendly support team will be able to help you resolve any issues.

Thanks for reading through our chat guidelines! We hope they help make our chat rooms even friendlier and the perfect place for making the best bingo buddies! We are all here to help you so please feel free to have fun in the chat rooms and if you do need help with anything by all means fire a question to one of our friendly chat hosts.