Progressive Jackpots at bgo

How do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Each progressive jackpot is funded by all the players who play in the room. Every time a player buys a ticket, a small amount from the ticket price is put towards the progressive jackpot for that room instead of adding to the jackpot for the current game.

The progressive jackpot will keep growing and growing until one lucky player wins the whole amount. This means if you are lucky enough to scoop the progressive jackpot you could win thousands of pounds for the price of a low cost bingo ticket!

You can find out how much money each progressive jackpot is worth by just looking at the game ticket. It will say "Progressive" at the top of the room ticket and show what we hope is a huge amount of cash just waiting to be won!

How can I Win a Progressive Jackpot?

In order to be in with a chance of winning a progressive jackpot you need to play in a room where a progressive jackpot shown. You will then need to bingo the full house in a certain number of calls to win. Each room is different but you generally need to win in 41 calls or less - larger jackpots can be as low as 39 calls, but that's why they have bigger jackpots!

Our progressive jackpot games are really exciting to play because there is always the chance you could walk away with the huge cash prize. The excitement in the chat rooms is great too as all the roomies wait to see if they will strike it rich! Join in the fun and you could be our next big winner!

Where Can I Find bgo Progressive Jackpot Games

Our progressive jackpot games can be found in the Bingo lobby on the 'Bingo' tab. The current progressive jackpot amount is listed at the top of the bingo cards. Bingo the full house in a certain number of calls and the jackpot is yours!

If you haven't joined bgo yet simply click on 'Join Now' at the top of the website to gain access to all our great bingo games. Registering is very easy and in only a few minutes you will be enjoying the best online bingo experience.