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Poker Night In: Online Poker Fun with bgo

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Not that long ago, during gloomy spring here at bgo we came up with an idea of creating a fun gaming night with a twist.

The idea was simple, to provide a group of UK lifestyle bloggers with a night in to remember that they could share with family or friends. We treated each of them to a massive amount of pizza, the casino classic ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ movie along with home poker sets and watched them play!

The sets though compact, contained everything that a sofa gambler needs to kick off playing: decks of cards, chips, mat and detailed instructions which in some cases that weren’t enough as our bloggers discovered there was more to poker than just two or three of a kind!

Blogging about her night in Deborah from Bang on Style said “I must confess it was pretty complicated and we soon gave up and played simple 21 instead!! Ha ha but the pizza was yummy and it was so cool to get together with a couple of friends for a great night in.”

For many of the bloggers it was their first poker encounter and we were glad we could provide them with comfy risk free atmosphere, saving them from the feared embarrassment experienced by even the best of us when we don’t fold soon enough in the casino.

“I don't know a thing about gambling or card games so it more ended up being an evening of go fish with lots of munching on pizza in-between whilst the DVD played in the background, but for me that was a pretty good evening in!” Rai from blog Blargle Fargle shared her first gambling experience.

As we found out even a home casino requires a certain level of bluffing. Rachel from A Dress is for Life seems to have mastered the art of a poker face to perfection: “It was really fun to play, I like to think I'm good at the serious faces and fooling the competition into thinking that I have a good hand. I think my hubby would probably disagree, though! “

Las Vegas it wasn’t, but judging by the confessions of the home made gamblers, everyone loved it! Claire, the blogger behind Bee Waits, summed it up: “Easily one of the best nights in I've had in ages!” Encouraged by the success of our first poker games night in experience we look forward to putting together more fun activities soon, so keep an eye out for the next one! In the mean time you can get some practice in by checking out our online casino games such as blackjack, roulette or slots.

11 June 2013


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