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Casino Gaming Shifts from Offline to Online

With the arrival of The Great Gatsby in cinemas and the giddy world of the 1920s firmly and flamboyantly in fashion, ideas of old-school casino life feel very of the moment too. It has a rich and lavish history of serving the well-dressed and extravagantly turned-out in with a range of tables and a tapestry of table games. We need only to turn to such films as Oceans 11 or iconic Bond movies to see how the casino shapes so much of a swanky sense of classy culture.

From the playgrounds of Las Vegas London’s premier casino joints, the art of showing up and looking the part has almost been as significant as playing the game.

However, times have changed and now the world of online casino seems to be flourishing fast and furiously. So what does that mean for the glamour of the game?

Life now plays itself out so vividly online and casino has made the transfer to the online world too. Those puritans might find the shift too much of a change; however it’s important to remember the game stays the same. It’s just the clothing and etiquette that changes its face.

Casino Chips

Here’s a quick break-down of how things might differ a little between offline and online casino.

1. Anyone that wants to be taken seriously in the world of offline casino would do well to keep their hands to themselves! By contrast, it seems the golden rule of casino is to look and not touch – those online players don’t need to worry who they hold hands with and special decorum - the game is firmly played out on the computer meaning they are fairly free to twiddle their thumbs as they wish!

2. No talking. Apparently this human-to-human exchange is frowned upon. Again, in a tense table game at a casino, players are encouraged not to start talking among themselves. Advising each other is also not something that’s looked at very highly, though you can ask the dealer at the start for basic help like where to sit. Online casino still offers the help if you need to – players can access the online service that boasts experts in the field ready and waiting to assist players getting started. Many sites for online casino welcome players into a larger community, meaning there is interaction and live games to get involved with too.

3. Check the time. To get involved in the full throes of casino-life in Las Vegas, players will need to think about rising at lunchtime to get stuck into the busy buzzing play that usually gets into full-swing at around 11pm. Likewise, those who want to avoid the crowds might want to stagger over at a different hour to avoid this. However, when playing online players can pick and choose their hour. From dawn to dusk, the floor is yours...

Casino Cards on Keyboard

Though the transition of offline to online casino might shake off some of the traditions of table casino, there is an ease and equally, a kind of fun found in playing online. Not just this, but it seems the online world is now so interconnected, played live and with such a community, players getting introduced from home might find themselves in a environment that makes them feel very involved and welcomed.

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11 July 2013


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