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We recently invited some of our favourite bloggers friends to the Covent Garden Hotel to learn how to play poker, so that they could put their new found talent into practice and play our video poker games online at bgo Casino. We had an expert poker player come and lend a hand to teach a thing or two about the most popular card game, turning our poker room into the perfect Las Vegas inspired casino.

bgo poker expert teaching bloggers to play poker

Our bloggers had a quick introduction to the game, which included learning the basics, such as what each hand is worth, and which ones are the best to have. Key advice given out at this time was ‘play the players; not the room’, which our guests took to heart and, with that in mind, they sat down, ready to learn.

After a few hasty starts, where everyone attempted to fold early on, everyone’s confidence grew and they eventually got the hang of the game, whilst the games slowly began to get longer. We could see the confidence grow in everyone’s eyes while turning into mini poker pros.

The first game was a lot of fun, as the table was full of laughter and even some friendly competitiveness was thrown in. The key thing learnt was how to check your cards in a subtle way (lay both cards on top of each other; cover your side with your right hand and lift firmly with the thumb of your left hand). Although we don’t have this issue for online poker, it’s a great skill to have when you’re playing live poker.

Competitiveness grew as we got more into the games, and it wasn’t long until the winners were giddy from winning and piles of chips grew and shrunk with every play. Some of the richer players revelled in everyone else’s weakness at the chance to raise to 500 from 50 for no reason, but it was all in good fun.

bgo bloggers learning to play poker

The second game was more professional, and what you’d expect from a professional Poker match. Everyone was a lot more strategic and competitive. Emotions and tensions ran high, while decisions became riskier, to tie in with the world famous poker motto: the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Temptation became high for our players and it was clear to see as the winnings became higher while the losses became larger too, adding to the atmosphere even more.

The game went on for a lot longer than the previous ones, and everyone became a lot more knowledgeable in the game. Key skills learnt were how to how to identify a hand worth playing, how to bluff (act confident, but play this confidence through till the end) and most importantly, when to know it’s time to give up.

The event was a success, people gained useful skills to play the likes of some Texas Hold’em online and will now be able to win big online at bgo casino.

Thanks to some of the stars of the evening: Carina, Marin, Micaela and Sarah. Hope you’re able to benefit from the Poker Masterclass next time you play at bgo.

01 August 2013
Category: casino 


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