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We celebrate our murder mystery slot game with the best UK bloggers

Our latest blogger event took a murderous turn last night as Lord John was killed before our very eyes! Taking place in Manchester, the event to celebrate our Murder Mystery slot game proved to be dead popular with more than 30 of the best bloggers in the North West.

Greeted with drinks, the bloggers sat down unaware of how the night would unfold, when suddenly Lord John staggered in. They barely had a moment to put down their drinks before he was dead on the floor. Murder most foul!

To solve a mystery like this, Scotland Yard would send only one man; Holmes… Sherlock Holmes. The detective couldn't do it alone though and immediately declared all of the guests his deputies. Who killed Lord John? Why that’s elementary, my dear bloggers.

During the course of the evening, the group of well-known online publishers were presented with a series of props, clues and information so they could deduce the Who, the How and, most chillingly, the Why!

Our bloggers had great fun, especially when they acted out their verdicts to the room, with hilarious consequences! The winning verdict even got a prize worthy of the great detective himself, a bottle of champagne.

Our attendees were introduced to our exclusive Murder Mystery online slot game playing on a big screen during the course of the event.

Murder Mystery, one of our fantastic online slots available here at bgo Vegas, is the latest innovative 40 line Video Slot game from our very own bgo Studios. With four different bonus features our slot game puts you in the detective’s chair, just like the bloggers last night!

We’d like to thank The Murder Mystery Company and all the bloggers for making it such a memorable night. We’ll be back soon with more news of great events.

19 September 2014
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