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Dan Bilzerian joins Verne Troyer for our new TV advertising campaign

The team here at bgo are extremely pleased to sign up one of social media’s biggest phenomena, Dan Bilzerian, to front our latest TV advertising campaign… along with our very own Boss, Verne Troyer, of course!

In recent months, Dan Bilzerian has become a household name, taking the social media worlds of Instagram and Facebook by storm with his frequent photo uploads displaying his jaw dropping lifestyle. He is the internet phenomenon, philanthropist, actor and ex-soldier who can normally be found at a high-stakes poker tournament. His facebook and Instagram accounts are awash with eye-popping snaps of him being fawned over by scantily clad ladies, frolicking with huge wads of cash, and cooing over his adorable cat, Smushball. It’s little wonder why he’s amassed so many admiring fans across the globe, all of whom want to sneak a peek at his enviable and very extravagant lifestyle.

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve also re-signed ‘The Boss’, Hollywood movie-star Verne Troyer, who will now be joined by Dan to add even more glitz and stardom into the mix. Although, don’t be fooled into thinking Verne’s going to let Dan steal any of his limelight, saying: “I’m still The Boss at! I really enjoyed working with the bgo guys last year and am really happy to be a part of the new campaign.”

Without giving away too much, our brand-new ad is guaranteed to get tongues a-wagging, featuring these two American hotshots, beautiful girls, a 6-wheeler truck and a very large ape...! Take a look at Dan's lifestyle for yourself by checking out Dan Bilzerian's Facebook page!

So keep your eyes peeled for our brand-new bgo TV adverts starring Verne Troyer and Dan Bilzerian which will be coming to a TV screen near you soon!

02 October 2014
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