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The Ultimate Face Off Featuring Dan Bilzerian is coming soon to

The Boss has a new rival… and he’s making his way across the Atlantic Ocean in a private jet from LA to take him on, right here at bgo casino. You might know him as the kingpin of poker, but we know him as Dan Bilzerian, aka ‘Blitz’, and he’s coming soon to as Verne Troyer’s latest nemesis.

Multimillionaire poker player, actor and all-round internet phenomenon, Dan, has made his millions through having one helluva poker face, winning a monumental 50 million dollars playing the game of bluff, over the span of a single year. He can frequently be seen cavorting around with scantily clad honeys, sporting all kinds of mean-looking guns, cruising along in super-yachts, frolicking with wads of cash and showing off incredibly cute snaps of his pedigree cat Smushball on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter social media profiles.

This High Roller is now facing off against our very own Boss, Verne, for the battle of the century… and it’s happening nowhere else but here at! Prepare for the clash of the Titans as Dan Bilzerian takes on The Boss in a valiant attempt to “Beat the Boss” in his own casino. Take a sneak peek at Dan in our brand-new exclusive “Face Off” trailer above, and keep your eyes peeled for his epic bgo debut on TV screens across the UK and right here at!

29 October 2014
Category: tv 


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