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New bgo ad starring Verne Troyer and Dan Bilzerian hits TV screens across the UK

We’re very excited to announce that our brand-new TV advert starring Verne Troyer and Dan Bilzerian is now screening across the UK. It kicks off with Verne, The Boss, counting his chips at the HQ, when the door buzzer sounds, turning out to be poker ace Dan Bilzerian and… a gorilla.

We are then treated to a hilarious, yet highly tense, poker match between the two casino hotshots, which is overseen by the white-collared growling gorilla and Dan’s glamourous lady-friend. It seems as though Verne is about to claim victory, but in a last minute turn of fate, much to his annoyance, Dan goes and does what he does best - wins the game and beats the Boss!

The ad marks the second phase of bgo’s multimillion-pound marketing campaign, which saw us sign up Verne as “The Boss” earlier this year. Dan, who is worth more than 50 million dollars made his fortune through poker and has become quite a phenomenon in the Twittersphere, Facebook and on Instagram, constantly updating his accounts with photos of his opulent lifestyle. These include snaps of his eye-popping gun collection, bevies of gorgeous babes in bikinis, huge wads of cash and sublime supercars. So, watch the brand-new ad above and see if, like Dan Bilzerian, you can Beat the Boss right here at

05 November 2014
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