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Is Dan Bilzerian the most interesting man on Instagram?

If you’re social media savvy and keep up with the latest trends, then you may have heard of a man named Dan Bilzerian. He’s made the news lately for his controversial stream of pictures, which document a lavish lifestyle like no other. Dan has made it to fame as a professional poker player, having won up to $10m dollars in just one night. It seems he’s got an eye for online casinos and poker too. Here at bgo we are pleased to have the social media phenomenon feature in our advertisements.

We’ve got a feeling that his working day isn’t the typical nine-to-five though. In fact, we gather from Dan’ Bilzerian's Instagram that he spends most of his time hanging out with scantily clad girls, chilling with his fluffy cat, flying his private jet, and attending glamourous parties.

Let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about…

Dan rides in his private jet, prompting a stream of envious comments.

Bilzerian’s getting a little, shall we say, up close and personal with some friends in this one.

We’re starting to see a pattern emerge here.

Just a little G4 action…

All work and no play?

Talk about flashing the cash. We wonder who won this game.

It would seem that Dan has quite the fan club. Oh, and a huge yacht and helicopter too.

Are those wheels nearly as big as Dan himself?

Dan just hanging out with a few friends.

Dan’s cat is getting to be as famous as he is, with 170,748 likes on this one.

So perhaps this explains why Dan’s a popular man? It would seem that each day he gets up to something that causes ripples of controversy to spread out through the world of social media. Is Dan Bilzerian the most interesting man on Instagram? His 6.2 million followers on Instagram seem to think so.

19 January 2015
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