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The top 5 casino film scenes of all time

Casinos in films increasingly feel like a whole different world from the ones we visit in real life. How often do you find yourself sat next to a guy in a big cowboy hat when you’re casion games or online slots? But for all their clichés and fanciful characters, casino movies continue to be nail-bitingly thrilling and entertaining. So to celebrate the very best of the genre, here are our top 5 casino film scenes of all time.


The release of Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was a turning point in British cinema so it has to feature in our top 5. It marked the beginning of a stylish, new, rock and roll crime genre that could hold its own against the best from Hollywood. In our next film scene we watch our protagonist Eddy’s devastation after losing £500,000 to a powerful crime lord. Richie’s up close and surreal camera work provides an intimate glimpse into the lows that inevitably accompany the highs of gambling.


OurnextfilmistheaptlynamedCasino.Everyoneatbgolovesthismovie, ifyouhaven'tseenityetmakesureyouwatchit.RobertDeNirostarsasawise-talkingbosswho’sinvitedtofrontthemob’scasinooperations.Thisscene, takenfromearlyoninthefilm, showswhyDeNero’scharacterAceistherightguyforthejob.Level-headedandruthless, heordersamantobepickedupandthrownoutofthecasino-headfirst.


InournextpieceofHollywoodgold, DustinHoffmanstarsalongsideafreshfacedTomCruiseasanautisticsavantcalledRaymond.Raymondisforcedtoapplyhisprodigiouscalculatingskillstocard-countingandthesceneshowswhyHoffmanearnedanOscarforhisperformance.ItalsospawnedanumberofcopycatfilmscenesincludingtheonefromtheHangover, wementionedearlier.


CastingfourunknownactorsintheHangoverfilmwasabiggamble.Fortunately, itwasonethatpaidoffwhenthefilmbecamethehighest-grossingR-ratedcomedyinUShistory.Inthismemorablescene, ZachGalifianakis’odd-ballcharacterAlan, useshiscardcountingskillstowin$82, 000.Thetime-lapseeffects, borrowedfromthe2008blackjackfilm21, helpedsealthedealinmakingthissceneaHollywoodclassic.


DanielCraigwasasurprisechoiceforthe2006filmbutquicklywonfansoverwithhissteelyperformanceandtightblueswimmingshorts.Inthehitfilm, BondthwartsvillainLeChiffre’smoney-makingschemes, forcingtheterrorist-come-financiertoorganiseaTexashold‘emtournament.Inthisnextsceneweseethetwobattlingitoutinoneoftheirfirstcardduels.Afterahighstakesgame, LeChiffrerevealshiswinninghandwiththesurprisinglyun-villainousline: “Oops!”.Aworthywinnerinoureyes.

Sothat’sourroundupofthetop5casinofilmscenesofalltime.Andifyoupreferyourcasinoswithoutthedrama, dodgycharactersandoccasionalviolence, checkoutouronlinecasino, slots and bingo games. You can browse our selection of games using the main menu.

26 January 2015
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