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The Boss vs. Paris Hilton: Who’s the bigger boss at bgo Casino?

Who is the bigger boss at bgo Casino?

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new boss here at bgo Casino. She’s blonde, beautiful and a international sensation: she’s Paris Hilton, of course. The model turned DJ is well known for living a lifestyle most of us could only dream of. But, how does she compare with our resident boss Verne Troyer? We take a look at their Instagram accounts to answer the question on everyone’s lips: who’s really the bigger boss?

Acting like a boss at bgo Casino

When it comes to acting like a boss, both Paris and Verne have got it down to a tee.

Paris has built a billion dollar business from being well, utterly glamourous while Verne still holds his own as king of the boardroom.

Travelling in style at bgo Casino

Both Paris and Verne live a jet-setting lifestyle, most of us would die for.

While Verne takes things up a gear with his eye-popping sportscars, Paris opts for a swanky helicopter to get from A to B...

Paris 1, Verne 0 Living it up at bgo Casino

Both social media stars definitely know how to let their hair down.

While Paris is usually having a blast, partying in Ibiza, Verne prefers getting his teeth into a good TV show.

Paris 1, Verne 0 The Boss vs Paris Hilton, who knows the most important people at bgo Casino?

A true boss is well-connected with heaps of important friends.

And, while it’s hard to top the one-and-only "Queen Bae", Verne can claim ex-President Bill Clinton as one of his pals.

Paris 0, Verne 1 Chilling with a Pose at bgo Casino

By the looks of their Instagram pics, Paris and Verne have tons of glamorous friends.

While Paris has a ten-strong squad of guys and gals, Verne’s friends are more of an eclectic bunch.

Verne 1, Paris 1

Total score: Paris Hilton 4 Verne Troyer 3

When it comes to being the boss on social media, Paris may have the slight edge but the two are pretty evenly matched. Both know how to travel in style, live it up like a king (or queen), and most importantly, hob knob with the super powerful. But, who’ll be the bigger boss at bgo online casino?

26 October 2015


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