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Introducing the new Jimi Hendrix slot game

Jimi Hendrix online slot

The new slot game, available to play right now here at bgo online casino, is a homage to the legendary 60's icon.

The game comes with superb 3D video graphics and features the guitarist’s top tunes such as Foxy Lady, Little Wing and Purple Haze. And as ever, you can win some fantastic cash prizes on the reels. So to celebrate the launch of this psychedelic new game, we’ve rounded up three of Jimi Hendrix’s most electrifying performances.

3. Monterey Pop Festival, California, 1967

In June 1967, Hendrix stepped on stage at the Monterey Pop Festival and dazzled the crowd with a performance like no other. The show was Hendrix’s big debut – his first major set in front of an American audience - and it still goes down as one of his best. The legendary guitarist performed a sensational rendition of Wild Thing - ended in true Jimi style. Hendrix set fire to his guitar using lighter fuel, before smashing it into pieces on stage.

2. Berkeley Community Theatre, California, 1970

Jimi had already split from his bandmates by the time he played at Berkeley, and was exploring new directions with his sound. So when he hooked up with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell for a three-man jam in California, no-one was expecting the explosive sound that came out.

1. Woodstock Festival, New York, 1967

Woodstock ’69 is probably one of the most famous festivals in history, and much of that is down to Jimi Hendrix’s starring role. Hendrix closed the three day festival with a 9am set that had originally been scheduled for the night before. In front of a dwindling audience, Jimi let rip a spine-tingling rendition of the Star Spangled banner. Watch and be amazed.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new slot game, we’re putting on a Jimi Hendrix inspired slot event later this week. Set in a top secret London location, it promises to be an electrifying music night. Watch this space for pics and video highlights from the concert.

Can’t get enough of Jimi Hendrix? Then head over to our online casino and play the Jimi Hendrix themed slot game that rocks.

05 May 2016
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