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5 of the biggest bets in international football

We’ve got football fever here at bgo, and while we can’t all be out on the pitch playing alongside the likes of Sterling or Vardy, there’s still a way to be a part of the action. Place one lucky punt and you could walk away with winnings to match the likes of Wayne Rooney’s salary, much like the five lucky punters we’ve featured below. Check out these biggest bets in international football which are almost in a league of their own.

5. The comeback that netted one supporter £5,000

The 2010 African Cup of Nations saw Mali losing to hosts Angola 4-0 at the 89th minute. The looming, humiliating defeat meant that odds on them pulling back were at a staggering 1,000-1. But one foolhardy gambler decided to risk £5 on one of the greatest sporting comebacks in history. Fortune really did favour the brave as Mali put away two goals by the 90th minute, and another two in injury time. The 4-4 final score won the ballsy punter £5,000.

4. The 10-match accumulator that landed a lucky student a £50,000 win

Heptathlon athlete and Sheffield Hallam student Karla Drew, got the shock of her life when her £5 accumulator bet turned into a £50,000 win. Drew predicted the results for 10 international fixtures over two days, back in 2014. It gave her a sleepless night, when on the eve of the first day, eight of the ten matches had come in. By holding her nerve, she went on to beat the bookies and landed a whopping win that no one saw coming.

3. The London punter whose accumulator bet netted £117,000

Back in 2010, an anonymous Londoner landed a massive £117,000 win from a £40-pound bet on overseas fixtures. The city-slicker wagered on a number of big European club games including matches for AC Milan, Barcelona, Porto, Valencia, Fiorentina and Espanyol. His predictions for each game were pretty spot on, and landed the football fan with 14 correct results.

2. The fortunate footie fan who won £180k from £1

One dad-of-three managed to scoop a colossal £180,000 from a £1 bet in one of the largest ever wins from such a small stake. The lucky East Londoner’s triumph came earlier this year, from a mega accumulator that required a 94th minute goal from Eibar’s Borja in the Spanish league game against Malaga. The feat went on to land the incredibly lucky football supporter a £181,570.50 pay-out.

1. The Man U fan who turned 30p into £500,000

The 2013 Champions League final resulted in one Staffordshire man cashing in a massive jackpot after Bayern Munich clinched the title. His initial bet of 30p on a 15 event accumulator, at the start of the season, was laughed off by bookies. The odds of him bagging a pay-out were a record breaking 1,666,666-to-one. But it was the football fanatic who had the last laugh, after his predictions of who would win the top five English leagues, amongst other matches, turned out to be spot on.

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25 July 2016
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