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What will the casino of the future look like?

Casinos have gone through a mini revolution over the past two decades. And the next twenty years look set to bring even more exciting changes. New technology like virtual reality headsets and real-time sports data are already shaking up the way people bet online. But how else will casinos change for the better?

We’ve explored what the casino of the future will look like in 10-20 years’ time, in our Casino of the Future interactive piece. We asked three industry-savvy experts to give us their predictions for the casino of the future, and trust us, you’ll want to have a read.

Our interviewed experts, Michael Beuoy, Jeffrey Lande and Daniel Lazarus, are all industry trailblazers and have a ton of knowledge on how we’ll be betting in the years to come.

Want to know whether you’ll be wearing VR headsets by 2020 for your Friday poker night? Or whether the rise in data will make sports-betting a breeze? Find out about all the new social, virtual and technological changes you can look forward to, in our exploration of The Casino of the Future.

Our experts have given us riveting insights into different areas of the industry from online poker and online slots, to sports betting. So, if you want to find out how your favourite casino game looks set to change, make sure you check out the interactive content piece.

From virtual reality taking over to skills-based online slots features, it’s clear that the online casino of 2016 will look dramatically different in 10-20 years’ time. That said, today’s online casino games are still fantastically fun to play, and a great way to spend a night in.

So if you’re looking for some blackjack, slots or online roulette action, here at we have a cracking range of online casino games to enjoy.

13 October 2016
Category: casino 


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