Aces And Faces

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200% Bonus On First Deposit

Aces And Faces


If you like video poker, you’ll love Playtech’s original Aces and Faces console – a single hand game where players can earn massively increased payouts for landing four-of-a-kind jacks or better. As the game’s name would suggest, the paytable is weighted towards these ace and face card combinations, with quad aces actually being the second most valuable hand available – ahead of a straight flush and behind only a royal flush. That being said, this emphasis on face cards doesn’t change the actual gameplay, as players will still need a pair of jacks or better to qualify each hand.


The aim of Aces and Faces is to make the best five-card draw poker hand possible, with at least a pair of jacks being necessary to qualify for a payout. At the start of each hand, players will receive their first five cards and must then select which ones they want to hold and which ones they want to discard. Clicking “deal” will replace any unwanted cards, with this new hand being your final five-card holding. Naturally, the stronger your five-card hand is the better the payout you’ll receive.


Aces and Faces features an incredibly straightforward user interface with all buttons and pays being clearly displayed. The plus and minus arrows at the left of the screen can be used to control your coin size from £0.01-£5.00, while clicking “bet one” will alter your coin amount from 1-5. This makes the game playable from £0.01-£25.00 per deal, with the maximum payouts only available when five coins are in play. Once they’ve settled on a stake, players simply have to hit “deal” and click the cards they want to keep, with a subsequent press replacing all discards. Any winnings accumulated in the hand can then be doubled or half-doubled in a simple card-picking gamble feature.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy for Aces and Faces video poker is virtually identical to that used in conventional Jacks-or-Better poker, with the only exception being that aces are worth slightly more than any other card due to their increased payout potential. Other than that, players will still want to hold high cards over small pairs and not chase draws that require two perfect cards to fall, as even the bigger payouts on offer don’t make up for the incredibly long odds against you hitting. Summary

If you enjoy conventional Jacks-or-Better video poker, there really is no reason not to give Aces and Faces a whirl. The game features the same mechanics that made the original variant such a hit, but soups them up a little bit with enhanced payouts for high-value four-of-a-kind combinations. This, coupled with a slick, straightforward user interface and colourful background, makes the game an instant classic in the video poker world that’s well worth a deal or two.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.04 £100

Special Features

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