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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Blackjack Switch


Get ready for double trouble in Blackjack Switch, an innovative blackjack variant from Playtech that sees players receive two starting hands and then have the option to swap a card between each. With the switch button seeing the top cards from either hand magically swap places, players are able to configure the layout of their board and give themselves more chances to win; with this feature even allowing them to build themselves a blackjack hand if the situation makes it possible.


The rules of Blackjack Switch are identical to any other blackjack game apart from the fact that every round, players will be playing two starting hands. This naturally doubles the cost per game, but the flip-side is that you have the option to swap the top cards between both hands. Unfortunately, this added flexibility means that blackjack no longer pays 3-to-2, but it will allow you to create far more winning possibilities – and there’s also a Super Match feature that allows players to bet on whether their first four cards will create a pair, two-pair, trips or four-of-a-kind. Beyond the initial deal, however, the game plays out just like any regular blackjack title, with players having to choose whether to hit, stick or double on each hand while aiming to beat the dealer’s total score. Interestingly, the fact that they have two hands on every deal actually means it’s possible for players to be in control of four hands at once should they pick up two hands that can be split.


The gameplay in Blackjack Split is identical to that found in any other Playtech title, with the twin exceptions of the split button and the Super Match option. When pressing the former, the top cards of both hands will swap places to create two new totals, with players able to switch back if they’re not happy with their decision. The latter, meanwhile, must be wagered on before the start of a hand and will pay out various amounts based on the composition of your initial two hands. Bets amounts in Blackjack Split range from £0.01-£100.00, however the minimum bet per hand amount is £1.00. Beyond this, the game is controlled like any other blackjack title from Playtech, with players simply having to click the course of action they want to take to progress.

Basic Strategy

While there’s no real strategy to using the Super Match feature – it’s simply a random outcome bet that will appeal to players looking for more action – the option to switch cards creates an interesting strategic dynamic. Players should remember that they are paying for both hands, so while it can be tempting to lock up one win that is more-or-less guaranteed and do your best with the remaining garbage hand, it is often better to balance your cards to give you a better shot at winning them both.


If you like thinking outside the box and are constantly coming up with new ways to outsmart the dealer, you’ll love Blackjack Switch. The option to swap two cards on every deal really does open up a whole world of tactical possibilities, while the addition of a Super Match betting feature will also appeal to players who simply want bigger wins and more options to bet on.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.10 £200

Special Features

Unique 'Switch' feature over 2 hands played

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