Online Blackjack Tips

Taking on the sophisticated and tricky game of blackjack is no easy feat. Much more than a lucky gamble, the key to Blackjack is making sure you are savvy about the strategy; to understand where the house and the dealer have their odds advantage and where you, the average player, fits in.

In many ways it helps for the player to see themselves as a strategist and not someone solely in the hands of fate –there is an art to the game. In short, the game works like this: The dealer plays last and collects when the players break 21, irrelevant of whether he/she goes bust or not, which means the more sensible strategist might try to avoid going over 21 especially when the dealer is most likely to go over this feted number too.

This means the player keeps an eye out for when the dealer has a turned up card between two and six. More often than not – the odds suggest that there is a very good chance the current score in the dealer's hand is between 12 and sixteen. If so, the card the dealer must take has a very good chance of busting the dealer. The player needs to sit it out, play it cool and wait to see if their score is over 21 and to see what happens with the dealer's hand.

Body language in Gaming life infographic paints, an entertaining picture of how we try to duck and weave around a poker or blackjacks gaming table. There are some interesting statistics concerning how much body language is manipulated when we need to.

In fact, much of gambling is about the playing it cool factor. In fact, so much of any table game happens when there is no play: when the player or rather ‘the strategist’ is making decisions and thinking of the next move; of judging the table, the dealer and the hands of other players. Of making sure they reveal nothing of their next move. This may not be as pertinent in Blackjack as it is on other games, but the behaviour of a player, or strategist, is a huge part of the game. Winning is a skill.

Gambling is actually a great social study of human nature and the way we behave under pressure and adapt to win. Blackjack offers much opportunity to be clever and wily. For example, there is scope for doubling the player's bet if his initial two cards total 9, 10 or 11. Again, it is fairly good odds that the additional card will give a player a difficult score for the dealer to beat. Even if the card turns out to be a low one, there is still the chance that the dealer will go over 21. A quietly cunning player can play on the dealer's advantage of dealing to himself last.

Entering any table game requires a little bit more than Lady Luck on your side. More than just taking a gamble, a game like Blackjack and/or Poker requires the skill of a strategist’s mind and the body of a professional bluffer – which all adds to the tense excitement!