Club Roulette

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Club Roulette


A wonderfully detailed version of the classic casino favourite, Playtech’s Club Roulette conjures all kinds of images of men in tuxedos and women in cocktail dresses enjoying a few spins of the wheel. The game offers the same great gameplay and flexibility of betting options found in Playtech’s other roulette titles, but this time delivers them in a more sophisticated setting that features enhanced graphics and sound. Played on a conventional European wheel, Club Roulette features just one zero space, meaning it’s a variant that offers you significantly better odds of winning too.


As with all games of roulette, the object of Club Roulette is to successfully predict which section of the wheel a small metal ball will land on. Although it sounds simple enough, there are myriad options that players can bet on from the exact number of the section to its colour or position on the wheel. Pays are awarded based on the likelihood of your chosen outcome occurring, with more outlandish bets naturally awarding a bigger payout and all losing bets being forfeited.


Like the vast majority of roulette titles, Club Roulette is incredibly straightforward to play. In order to get started, players will simply have to click one of the chip icons in front of them and begin placing their bets on the board by clicking the section they wish to wager on. Chip denominations range from £0.01 to £25.00, but the minimum bet in Club Roulette is £0.10 and the maximum wager varies depending on the outcome that players choose to bet on. When they’re happy with their bet configurations, players simply have to click a button to get started or chips can be removed from the board by clicking on them while holding shift.

Basic Strategy

The correct strategy for playing roulette varies from player-to-player and bankroll-to-bankroll. If you’re looking to win big and have a bankroll that can withstand long losing runs, you might decide to wager on a selection of numbers each game. If, however, you’re a more conservative player and don’t want to incur big losses, you may be better off spreading your bets to cover a greater number of outcomes for a smaller potential return. Either way, try and find the risk/reward balance that works best for you.


Essentially Club Roulette takes the same great casino game that players already know and love and gives it a few stylist tweaks to create an even more engaging experience. The game offers the same functionality as other roulette titles by Playtech, albeit with enhanced graphics and sound that really do make it feel like you’re standing in a high-end casino while you play.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.10 £250

Special Features

Wonderfully detailed verison of this classic Casino favourite

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