Deuces Wild

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200% Bonus On First Deposit

Deuces Wild


If you’re bored of conventional Jacks-or-Better video poker and fancy taking a walk on the wild side, why not give Playtech’s Deuces Wild a try? A single-hand console where a deuce can substitute for any other card in your hand, Deuces Wild gives players more flexibility in their decision making and the potential to make more top quality holdings for greater payouts. Featuring a fun, cowgirl-themed design, Deuces Wild is a colourful title in Playtech’s video poker catalogue that will certainly win players over with its quirky look and feel.


As with all video poker variants, the object of Deuces Wild is to make the best five-card draw poker hand possible after two deals. At the start of each round, players receive five cards and must select which ones they want to hold and which ones they want to discard, with a draw then taking place to replace any unwanted cards. This gives players a final five-card hand, with prizes being awarded in accordance with the console’s payout table. Deuces can be substituted for any other card to help make your best five-card holding, but this increased flexibility comes at a cost as players will have to make at least three-of-a-kind in order to qualify each hand.


Like all of Playtech’s video poker consoles, Deuces Wild is incredibly easy to use. Plus and minus arrows at the bottom of the screen allow you to select a coin value between £0.05 and £5.00, with the “bet one” button increasing the total number of coins in play from one to five. These two bet amounts are then multiplied together to create your total bet, meaning Deuces Wild is playable from £0.01-£25.00 per game. Be warned, however, that the biggest prize payouts are reserved for players using the maximum number of coins, so you may wish to do this even while selecting smaller coin amounts. Once they’ve settled on a bet, players simply have to click on the cards that they want to hold and hit deal to draw new any ones, with all deuces being automatically held in place should they feature.

Basic Strategy

While the presence of wild deuces certainly does help players create strong five-card hands, the fact that you need to make at least three-of-a-kind to qualify does somewhat change the strategy behind Deuces Wild. On bad starting draws, holding big picture cards is no longer a viable strategy as you will then need to improve twice to qualify, so aim for pairs, straight draws or flush draws – all of which have the potential to instantly improve to a qualifying hand should you land a wild.


Deuces Wild is a fun and exciting twist on the classic Jacks-or-Better video poker format that will provide player with hours of entertainment. Seeing one or two wilds in your starting hand provides a real thrill and the fact that you can potentially make five-of-a-kind on any given deal means the possibility of huge wins is never far away.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.01 £2.50

Special Features

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