Fountain of Youth

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Fountain of Youth


If you yearn for a time when players could enjoy a simple slot machine without all the fancy bells and whistles of modern bonus features, Fountain of Youth will certainly help take you there. Featuring just three reels and three paylines, the game is essentially a classic slot machine with an added graphical flourish and some relaxing background music. Simple enough to pick up and play in a matter of seconds, the game nevertheless offers some pretty substantial payouts, with even the lowest three-symbol combination paying out 30x your bet and a top award of 800x up for grabs.


Loosely based on the enduring legend of the Fountain of Youth – a mythical spring or fountain that restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in it – Playtech’s classic slot machine features an animated fountain in its background that is surrounded by colourful butterflies. The background is a deep green forest setting, which helps add to the game’s soothing aesthetic, while the symbols to feature on the reels include flowers, frogs, birds, butterflies and fountains. Every spin is greeted by a relaxing piece of background music, while winning paylines are lit up by a flashing star symbol.

Bonus Features

As a classic slot machine, Fountain of Youth doesn’t include any additional bonus features per se, but does boast a couple of interesting payline rules that can help players get more from their money. First and foremost, an identical symbol sequence is not a prerequisite for prizes in Fountains of Youth, with any combination of three symbols on a valid payline awarding a 4x payout. Secondly, the value of the game’s top award increases depending on the number of paylines you choose to enable. With just one payline selected, a top prize of 400x your stake is available, but this can improve to 600x and even 800x if you choose to play with the maximum number of lines selected.


The gameplay in Fountain of Youth is so simple that all of the information players will ever need is placed together on one screen. Plus and minus arrows help players control their coin value from £0.01-£5.00, while the “bet one” button will toggle between one and three active paylines. When combined, these two variables make the game playable for between £0.01 and £15.00 per spin, though given the bigger payouts on offer it is worth playing with all three lines regardless of stake.


For a relaxing slot experience that does the simple things well, look no further than Fountain of Youth. What the game lacks in exciting bonus features it more than makes up for with its superb payouts and overall functionality, making it the perfect pick-up-and-play title for those who are simply concerned with the business of winning big money.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
1 3 No £0.01 £75

Special Features

Classic 3 Reel Layout

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