Funky Monkey

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Funky Monkey


For a classic retro slot machine experience that’s brimming with colour and personality, look no further than Playtech’s Funky Monkey. Featuring just three reels and a single central payline, Funky Monkey provides a no-frills gaming experience that is certain to appeal to the purists while also serving up a maximum jackpot of 2,500x your stake at the highest level. Available to play from as little as £0.01 per spin, the game is perfect for players utilising smaller bankrolls but will still have them going ape over its regular payouts.


Funky Monkey is a classic retro slot machine that is simple enough for all the necessary information to be displayed on one screen. The background features the slot’s titular chimp sporting sunglasses and banging on a bongo drum, while the reels themselves include a selection of symbols that includes bananas, huts, palm trees and several coloured BAR logos. A bright and colourful game, Funky Monkey certainly stands out from other retro slot machines thanks to its unusual theme, but doesn’t include any superfluous details that would otherwise detract from the playing experience.

Bonus Features

As a retro slot machine, Funky Monkey is a simple playing experience that doesn’t include any complicated substitute wilds or scatter symbols. Where the slot does stand out, however, is in the form of its payouts, with players receiving a prize for any combination of BAR symbols along the central payline. The game also features an ever-improving payout table based on how many coins you wager, with the top award of 2,500x your stake only available when three coins are selected.


With its single payline, bet amounts in Funky Monkey are control by the plus and minus coin size arrows to the left of the screen and the “bet one” button below the reels. The first option allows players to choose a bet between £0.01 and £25.00, while the second lets them select to have one, two or three coins in play. Players are advised that as the highest payouts are only available with three coins selected, this is the way to go regardless of whether you’re playing for £0.03 or £75.00.


The perfect combination of bold colours and simple gameplay, Funky Monkey is a great title for players who prefer a more traditional slot experience. With no complicated rules or bonus features, it really is a game that can be mastered in a matter of seconds, but the presence of a 2,500x top prize award will certainly ensure that players get their money’s worth whatever stakes they play.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
3 1 No £0.01 £75

Special Features

Classic 3 Reel Layout

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