Jacks or Better

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200% Bonus On First Deposit

Jacks or Better


If you’re familiar with video poker consoles, you’ll know that Jacks or Better is the original format of the game and still remains as popular today as it was when it was first conceived decades ago. Playtech’s Jacks or Better title serves up this same classic format of the game on a stylishly-designed console featuring a medieval backdrop and five increasingly valuable paytables. Playable from just £0.01 per hand, the game is suitable for players utilising all levels of bankroll, but the bigger rewards are reserved for those taking on the game with the maximum number of five coins selected.


As the name would suggest, the object of Jacks or Better video poker is to make a draw poker hand that contains at least a pair of jacks. At the start of each deal, five cards will be displayed and players will then have to decide which ones they hold onto and which ones they discard. Hitting “Deal” will then replace any unwanted cards with new ones to give players their final five-card hand, with this hopefully qualifying them for one of the various prize amounts displayed on the five payables.


In terms of gameplay, Jacks or Better is an incredibly simple console to get to grips with. The game features a highly intuitive user interface that includes buttons that can be used to adjust both your coin size and your total number of coins, with the first option ranging from £0.01-£5.00 and the second running from 1-5. Combined, this makes the game playable from £0.01-£25.00 per hand, with the most valuable paytable being accessible from as little as £0.05 (e.g. five coins at the lowest stake). Clearly labelled buttons help players hold and discard cards from their five-card draw poker hand, while the “Deal” button both starts the game initially and activates any additional draws.

Basic Strategy

One of the most straightforward video poker variants out there, it should be fairly obvious to players that high cards are exceptionally valuable in Jacks or Better. Given players need at least two knaves to qualify for a prize, most of the time you are best off holding the aces and face cards that you receive on your first deal. Remember, however, that the more valuable your hand, the bigger the prize you will receive, so situations where you’re drawing one card to a flush or an open-ended straight draw should always be seized regardless of whether you win that hand isolation or not.


The classic video poker format and still one of the most widely-played, it’s not hard to see why Jacks or Better poker remains one of the most popular variants out there. Playtech’s version of the game is incredibly user-friendly and won’t have players scratching their heads over any complicated controls, allowing them to get on with the action and draw their way to huge prize payouts.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.01 £25

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