Jacks or Better 10 progressive

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Jacks or Better 10 progressive


Get more bang for your video poker buck in Playtech’s Jacks or Better 10-Line Progressive console; a game that not only gives you more ways to win, but also pays out bigger amounts when you do. Looking and sounding slightly different from any of the other jacks or better titles in the Playtech range, Jacks or Better 10-Line Progressive features a special bar above the gameboard that displays the current prize pool that is up for grabs. To get their hands on this bonus, players will need to play for the maximum bet amount and hit a royal flush on their first line, making it a tricky prize to land. Rules

As with all jacks or better video poker titles, the object of Jacks or Better 10-Line Progressive is to make the best five-card poker hand possible after an initial deal and a single re-deal. Being a multi-line game, once players have selected the cards they wish to hold and discard, 10 individual re-deals will take place to give them further opportunities to improve their hand. As the name would suggest, pays are issued whenever a player makes a pair of jacks or better in their final five-card hand, with stronger hands awarding improved payouts in accordance with the payable. Hitting a royal flush on your first line with the maximum bet enabled awards the jackpot or 250x your bet at any other limit.


An incredibly straightforward game to play, the stake per line in Jacks or Better 10-Line Progressive is fixed at £0.25, meaning players simply have to use the “bet one” to adjust how many coins they wish to play. With between one and five coins available, players’ chosen number is then applied over all 10 lines, making the game playable for between £2.50 and £12.50 in total. The hand will start once players click “deal” and they merely have to select the cards they want to hold and click “deal” again to complete the draw. Ten individual hands will then play, with winnings being totalled up on each line in accordance with the paytable. Any prizes can then be gambled in a pick feature up to 1,000x.

Basic Strategy

As with all multi-line video poker consoles, the fact that you get to play your starting hand over ten separate deals makes chasing draws far more appealing that it is in a single line version. Whereas you are an underdog to hit a fifth heart when you hold four in your hand in a single line game, you are a big favourite to do so across 10 lines, so players can afford to be a bit more aggressive with their decision making in Jacks or Better 10-Line progressive and really go for those higher payouts.


A great video poker title that combines the playability and reduced variance of a multi-hand title with the excitement of a progressive jackpot prizepool, Jacks or Better 10-Line Progressive really does take some beating. The game is simple enough to pick up and play in a matter of seconds, but the generous payouts will keep players hooked as they chase that big money royal flush bonus.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 Yes £2.50 £12.50

Special Features

Progressive Jackpot, Double, Double Half

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