Jacks or Better 4

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Jacks or Better 4


While we all know that Jacks or Better is one of the oldest and most popular video poker formats available, it has to be said that every now and then the game could use a bit of added spice. Playtech’s Jacks or Better 4 line console provides just that by taking the classic format and spreading it over four individual hands to give players even more ways to win. Again featuring a beautifully-designed medieval backdrop, the four-line edition of the game sees players receive a quartet of identical starting hands, with this enabling them to win four times the prizes on every single deal.


As most players will know, the object of Jacks or Better video poker is to make a five-card draw poker hand that contains at least a pair of jacks. On each deal, players will receive a new set of five cards and then have to decide which ones they want to hold and which ones they want to discard. A second deal will then take place to swap any unwanted cards for new ones, with this giving players their final hand. Where Jacks or Better 4 Line differs from the single hand game, however, is that each draw will result in four individual outcomes, with this giving players more chances to build a qualifying hand and land the prizes featured on the game’s five increasingly valuable paytables.


Jacks or Better 4 Line plays in exactly the same way as the single hand version of the game, with players being able to select both their coin amount and the number of coins they wager on each hand. Naturally, their chosen bet size will be spread across four individual hands meaning a £0.01 stake will actually cost players £0.04, with increasingly generous payouts on offer the more coins you choose to wager. In order to access the most valuable paytable, players will have to play with five coins selected each hand, meaning a minimum wager of £0.20 is required to qualify. Once they’ve settled on a bet level, players simply have to click “Deal” to get started and then choose the cards they want to hold, with a second click of the “Deal” button triggering their draw. Any discarded cards will then be replaced in all four hands and pays will be calculated accordingly.

Basic Strategy

Although the strategy required for Jacks or Better 4 Line doesn’t differ all that much from the single hand game, it is worth noting that the increased number of hands means that your draws are more likely to come in. As such, hands featuring four cards of the same suit or four cards in sequence become increasingly valuable, as you now have four chances to complete your flush or straight and qualify for a higher prize award than you would receive for chasing a standard one-pair hand.


If you enjoy playing Jacks or Better video poker, it follows that you’ll probably relish the chance to play more hands on every deal. Playtech’s Jacks or Better 4 Line allows you to do just that without complicating the rules or gameplay, meaning you’ll get more chances to win each hand and will have a much better chance of landing the game’s higher payouts.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.04 £50

Special Features

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