Jacks or Better 50

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Jacks or Better 50

Most people would agree that Jacks or Better poker is a fun game, but not the most exciting game in the world.

Yes, you may get a big win every now and then, but more often than not your wins are one credit, two credits, five credits, etc. Well, the 50 line version of the game changes all that.

Now you start with 50 identical five card hands, pick which cards to replace, and watch all 50 of them take different draw cards, giving you 50 potentially different outcomes on a single play! Imagine if you start that play with a pair of Jacks or better, or even with a bigger hand like three of a kind or a full house?

Multiply your payout times 50 and you’re in the big money! Even if you don’t start with a winner, the odds are that in 50 chances you’ll get at least a few really impressive hands, if you play your cards right.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.50 £125

Special Features

Double, Double Half

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