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200% Bonus On First Deposit

Joker Poker


How many times have you been chasing a hand in poker only to fall just short on the last card? Well, in Playtech’s Joker Poker, such concerns will be a thing of the past thanks to two extra cards being added to the deck that can substitute for any other regular value.

Retaining the simplicity of conventional Jacks or Better video poker, Joker Poker nevertheless offers additional prize potential thanks to these two wild cards, with players being more likely to make big hands and trigger the higher payouts. As a result, the qualifying threshold is raised to a pair of kings or better, but this is counterbalanced by the maximum prize also being increased to a huge 5,000x.


Like any other video poker title, the aim of Joker Poker is to make the best poker hand possible, with players being given one draw to improve their initial five-card holding. The presence of the two wild jokers takes the total number of cards in the deck up to 54, with these bonus cards being able to substitute for any regular card to help you improve your hand. The trade-off for this is that players will need to make at least a pair of kings by the end of their draw to qualify for a prize, but that will be of little concern when there’s a maximum prize of 5,000x your stake up for grabs for a royal flush.


Like all of Playtech’s other video poker consoles, Joker Poker features five increasingly rewarding paytables which players can access by wagering more coins using the “bet one” button. The coin value itself can also be changed using the plus and minus arrows, with these two aspects combining to make the game playable from £0.01-£25.00 per hand. At the start of each deal, players receive five cards and will then have to click the ones they want to hold, with all discarded cards being replaced by new ones. This will give them their final five-card hand, with increasingly generous payouts being issued for a pair of kings or better all the way up to a natural royal flush.

Basic Strategy

Obviously it goes without saying that the two joker cards are incredibly valuable in Joker Poker, as these can be used to create hands that have incredible drawing potential. Look for situations where you have three cards in sequence or in suit and a joker in your starting hand, as this will give you the best chance of improving to a qualifying hand. Here, if players pair any one of their regular cards, they’ll have three-of-a-kind, while any straightening or flushing card will also give them a winning holding, thereby improving their chances of making a pair of kings or better by the end of the hand.


If you enjoy regular jacks or better video poker, you’ll love Playtech’s Joker Poker. True, the increased threshold for qualifying hands makes it harder to win regularly, but the presence of the two joker cards means that when you do make it onto the paytable, you’ll often bag yourself a bigger prize than you would in the conventional version of the game, making it far more exciting.

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