Marvel Roulette

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Marvel Roulette


If you’re bored of conventional roulette games and want to play something a little different, look no further than Playtech’s Marvel Roulette.

For the most part, the game is a conventional American version of roulette, but in the section where they’d expect to see the double zero space, players will instead be able to land the Marvel Bonus. Should the virtual ball stop on this section while a wager has been placed, players will be transported to a mini three-reel slot game where cash prizes are at stake, while any winning or non-winning spin also has the potential to award one of four randomly-triggered jackpot prizes.


Though it certainly looks visually striking when compared to other roulette games, Marvel Roulette plays very much like conventional American Roulette. The wheel features 36 red or black spaces, a green single zero and the Marvel Bonus, with players simply needing to select which section of the board they wish to place their wagers before each spin. Naturally, the less likely an outcome is to come up, the greater the payout will be, with a range of “outside” bets such as the section of the board that the ball will land on and whether the number will be odd or even offering smaller wins that can be hit more frequently. The Marvel Bonus, meanwhile, sees players try their hand a mini three-reel slot game where cash prizes are issued for matching any three-of-a-kind combination.


Marvel Roulette plays in much the same as any other edition of the game in that players simply need to select a chip denomination from £0.01 to £25.00 and click a section of the betting board to wager. Additional clicks will add extra chips at your chosen level, while holding shift when you click will remove any misplaced wagers from the board. When they’re satisfied with their current bet configuration, players simply have to hit “spin” to get started, with all wins being calculated and paid out automatically. Remember, on any given spin players also have a shot at landing one of four mystery jackpot prizes, with the largest of these potentially paying out six-figure wins.

Basic Strategy

Though Marvel Roulette adds a bit of extra spice to proceedings, the strategy for playing it is essentially the same as in any other roulette game. With the Marvel Bonus space filling in for the conventional double zero, players should be aware that straight up bets are still less likely to come in and that generally they are better off sticking to the outside bets to secure a steady profit. Unlike in a conventional American version of the game, players may wish to always play with at least one chip on the bonus space, as even though this outcome is fairly unlikely, a maximum prize award of 100x your bet on each of your three spins has the potential to substantially increase your bankroll.


With its colourful superhero themed background and range of bonus options, Marvel Roulette is certainly a striking take on the classic American game. The bonus space provides an interesting twist on conventional gameplay and can award some pretty substantial wins, while the presence of four Marvel Mystery Jackpot prizes means life-changing payouts are on offer each and every spin.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 Yes £0.50 £500

Special Features

Marvel Jackpot, European rules

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