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200% Bonus On First Deposit

Mega Ball


If you’re a fan of lotto but need something a little more instantaneous than your usual weekly draw, look no further than Mega Ball from Playtech – an arcade-style title with its own progressive prize. Played on a console that launches a random six-ball lotto draw every 60 seconds, players can choose from a vast selection of betting options that include everything from conventional jackpot play – i.e. predicting the exact numbers that appear – to more likely outcomes such as what colour the balls will be and whether they’ll go up or down in order of numerical value. As such, it is a hugely flexible title that combines the big money payouts of lotto with the supreme functionality of an arcade title.


The rules to Mega Ball are simple. Every 60 seconds, six numbered balls in different colours will emerge from a machine and players simply have to predict certain outcomes surrounding them. In total there are eight different game modes to bet on and these include: the exact set of numbers to emerge, the number of balls in a specific colour, all three colours appearing at once, the colour of the final ball, whether the balls will ascend or descend in value, whether certain individual numbers will appear, whether the first ball will be higher or lower than the last ball and, finally, the total value of all balls added together. Players can bet on any combination of outcomes at once at a variety of stakes, making Mega Ball a game that offers considerable scope for betting and strategic planning.


Although there are a huge number of betting options available in Mega Ball, the game features an incredibly user friendly interface that will walk players through every step of the process. Initially, players must select the game (or games) that they wish to bet on by clicking on the various tabs. From here they can adjust the specifics of their bet before clicking “next”, which will take them onto a screen where they can select their bet amount and the number of consecutive games that they wish to place their wager for. Accepted limits for most bets range from £0.10-£5.00 and all wagers must be placed before the 60 second timer elapses in order to be counted for the new draw.

Basic Strategy

As a lottery-style game, Mega Ball is obviously a game of pure chance. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thinking a little about what betting options best work for you. While the prize appeal of the jackpot is often too good to turn down, it is the more likely outcomes that will actually build your bankroll in the long run, so be sure to play around with the various options and find a bet that provides a right risk/reward balance you’re comfortable with. Odds on all bets are displayed under their respective tabs and this can also help players decide how adventurous they wish to be.


If you enjoy the excitement of weekly lottery draws but want a game that works to your schedule, you’ll love the minute-by-minute action of Playtech’ Mega Ball. Featuring a huge range of betting options, the game is much more than a conventional lotto title – and though it boasts an impressive jackpot prize, there are further rewards to be had for those adopting a shrewd wagering strategy.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.10 £25

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