Neptunes Kingdom

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Neptunes Kingdom


For an aquatic slot adventure like no other, dive into the watery world of Neptune’s Kingdom; a classic five-reel, five-payline slot from Playtech that features an upwardly scaling paytable. An incredibly simple slot to get to grips with, all of the information players will need to get started is displayed on a single screen, making Neptune’s Kingdom a title that is drowning in pick-up-and-play appeal. What’s more, the more paylines players choose to enable, the bigger the prizes they’ll get to compete for, making it a game that is more than capable of handing out sunken treasures.


Given the slot’s title, you won’t be surprised to hear that water features quite prominently in Neptune’s Kingdom, with the game taking place to a backdrop of stormy seas and an animated galleon bobbing by from time to time. Neptune appears complete with trident and flashing red eyes above the game’s logo to the left of the reels, while a selection of crashing wave sound effects and underwater ambience play throughout to really enhance the atmosphere. Unique symbols to appear on the reels include fish, lobsters, tridents and mermaids, with a treasure chest bursting with gold triggering the slot’s top payout whenever three appear on a valid payline.

Bonus Features

Although Neptune’s Kingdom doesn’t feature any unique bonus rounds, players can benefit from increased payouts if they play with a greater number of paylines active. Indeed, not only will this give them more possible ways to win, but the jackpot prize will actually get bigger depending on what payline it appears on. Starting at 100x your bet and increasing by an additional 10x for each payline that is enabled, players lining up three treasure chest symbols on the fifth payline – the one running diagonal from bottom-left to top-right – will receive a maximum prize of 150x their bet.


As mentioned earlier, Neptune’s Kingdom is such a simple game that all of the rules and information can be included on a single screen. The game allows players to choose their coin value between £0.01 and £10.00 using plus and minus arrows, while clicking the “bet one” button will enable and disable the game’s five adjustable paylines. When combined, these two variables make the slot playable for between £0.01 and £50.00 per spin, with the best payouts available on the fifth line.


A straightforward slot that rewards players for risking a few extra coins, Neptune’s Kingdom is a great game for those who simply want to dive straight into the action. The fact that there are no bonus features creates a very fast-paced and efficient user experience, meaning players can get in more spins per hour and hopefully boost their bankrolls in record time.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
3 5 No £0.01 £125

Special Features

Classic 3 Reel Layout

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