Perfect Blackjack

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200% Bonus On First Deposit

Perfect Blackjack


Want to own the blackjack tables with more deals than ever before? Well why not try out Playtech’s Perfect Blackjack Multihand, a game in which players can bet on up to five hands at once. Naturally, this already gives players plenty of scope for betting, but additional side bet options such as perfect pairs, coloured pairs and red/black pairs means they’ll potentially be able to rake in even more profit on each deal. With the game again being set in Playtech’s beautifully designed virtual casino suite, Perfect Blackjack Multihand is a table game title that really lives up to its name.


As with any other blackjack variant, the object of Perfect Blackjack Multihand is simply to get as close to 21 as possible while still beating the dealer’s total. At the start of each deal, players will receive two cards and the dealer will be dealt one face up. Based on their total and the value the dealer is showing, players can decide whether to hit and take another card or stand on their current total. The dealer will then have to do likewise, albeit in a more robotic fashion where they will always have to hit on 16 or under and always have to stand on 17 or over. At the end of the deal, the player and the dealer’s totals will be compared, with the winning hand receiving the money. Additional side bets can also be placed at the start of each deal in Perfect Blackjack Multihand, with players able to wager on whether or not they will receive a pair in their first two cards.


As with all of Playtech’s casino games, to begin a hand of Perfect Blackjack Multihand players must select a chip denomination from £0.10-£100.00 and then place it in any of the “place your bet” positions on the table. Unlike in other variants of the game, players can bet on between one and five hands each deal and can also place an additional side bet on whether or not any of these hands will be dealt a pair in their first two cards. Table stakes start at £0.10 per hand and go all the way up to £100.00, with players being prompted whether they want to hit, stand or double on each hand. Basic Strategy The same basic strategy used in regular blackjack applies in Perfect Blackjack Multihand in the sense that players should largely make their decisions based on the upcard that the dealer is showing. That said, as it is a multihand game players will benefit from the fact that they can see more cards from the deck, allowing them to make more informed decisions on what cards are likely to remain. The pair side bet is a nice additional touch that can pay out up to 25-to-1, but it is only recommended that you use this option regularly if your bankroll can handle the variance.


If you love online blackjack, you’ll relish being given the chance to play more hands per hour in Playtech’s incredibly well-designed Perfect Blackjack Multihand. The increased scope for betting provided by the multiple deals and the pair side bet options make it a game that is perfectly suited for high rollers, but a minimum stake of £0.10 per hand means even beginners can join in the fun.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.10 £500

Special Features

Unique pair sidebet, play up to 5 hands

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