The Art of Body Language in Gaming Life

Here at bgo, we thought it would be fun to put together a quick infographic based around body language and bluffing in the world of gaming. Some of you enjoy a hand of poker from time to time, so please feel free to share the infographic as you wish!

Poker is a game of skill, craft, intuition; a game of the mind; a game of appearance. You have to second guess your opponents’ moves whilst at the same time veiling your own. You have to keep your cool and appear nonchalant when dealt a kiss-ass hand. People say poker is a game of strategy: it isn’t. You can’t continuously bluff your way to victory – your opponents will eventually waiver your bait. You have to mix up your moves, keep your opponents guessing at what you might be pulling off next.

Newbies to poker more often than not, tend to fall victim to the tricks of the trade simply because they’re not aware of them. When up against the best poker players, they lose their cool and end up giving away their state of play.

You have to realise, poker is just one big psychology experiment – Freud would have loved it! So with that in mind, here at bgo we have devised this useful guide for you as a stepping-stone and help you noble players practice and spot the tell-tale signs of deception and trickery. We’re helping you separate the liars from the bluffers; we’re helping you read the most used receptive form of communication: ‘body language’.

So use our guide to master your poker skills. You’ll be calling bluffs and winning hands in no time!