Progressive Blackjack

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Progressive Blackjack


We all know that the allure of slot machines is that they have the ability to hand out life-changing prize money, but what if there was a title that offered the same huge payout potential and combined it with the increased user interaction of a table game?

The good news for players is that such a game already exists in Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack, a conventional blackjack variant that includes an optional side bet that could land you a six-figure progressive jackpot. With side bet prizes being awarded for different card combinations, landing four aces in the same suit on any deal while this feature is activated will trigger the game’s top award.


For the most part, Progressive Blackjack plays just like any other blackjack title, with players needing to hit or stand their way to a better score than the dealer. With the dealer forced to hit on 16 or under and stand on 17 or over, players can use the dealer’s upcard to determine their best course of action, with an additional 3-to-2 payout on offer for hitting blackjack. Where the game differs from most titles, however, is that there is also a side bet that entitles players to compete for the jackpot prize fund. With this option awarding several payouts for various ace combinations, players can land between 2x their triggering bet and the total prize fund if they happen to catch four suited aces.


Progressive Blackjack plays like any other blackjack title from Playtech with the exception of the additional side bet option. Players must first select a chip denomination from £0.01 to £100.00 and click at least one hand on the table to play, with the minimum starting wager per hand being £0.50. Hit and stand options will then enable them to take a new card or accept their current total, with the dealer then playing their own hand to determine who will be the winner. Clicking the coin slot above each hand will also activate the side bet feature at your current bet level, with the pay awards for the various ace combinations located by pressing the “show paytable” button below the prize ticker.

Basic Strategy

As with most blackjack games, the upcard shown by the dealer should have a massive bearing on your decision-making process in Progressive Blackjack. A hand that might be safe to stand on in some situations may become one where you need to take an extra card if the dealer looks particularly strong, while a low total you wouldn’t normally be happy with may also be a winner if certain conditions are met. The additional option to make a side bet on the jackpot award means Progressive Blackjack can potentially cost more to play than regular blackjack games, but the trade off for this is that players might be able to land a six-figure payout on any given deal.


If you want all of the big money excitement of a jackpot slot machine with the increased user interaction of a table game, Progressive Blackjack may just be the perfect compromise. For the most part, the game plays just like any other conventional blackjack title, but the chance to land a six-figure prize on each deal certainly makes it a more exciting alternative to similar blackjack games.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 Yes E0.50 £100

Special Features

Standard Blackjack Rules, Progressive Jackpot

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