Rock n Roller

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Rock n Roller


For a classic slot machine that’s dripping with 1950s nostalgia, look no further than Playtech’s Rock ‘n’ Roller – a three-reel title that pays more than a passing nod to the work of the late Elvis Presley. With the game itself taking place on a console resembling a neon jukebox and a range of symbols depicting various instruments being used, the slot has a consistent look and feel and boasts a range of sound effects that will have players slipping on their blue suede shoes and boogieing to big wins.


As mentioned above, Rock ‘n’ Roller has an iconic retro design that sees the three reels situated in front of a 1950s style jukebox complete with light-up Rock ‘n’ Roller logo and a moving record arm. The moment the slot starts up, players are treated to a quick blast of Elvis’ Tutti Frutti, while at the start of each spin players will hear a bar of Jailhouse Rock followed by the rhythmic beat of drums. Unique symbols to feature in the game include platinum and gold records, guitars, harmonicas and drums, with this lending a consistent look and feel to the slot that quickly captures the imagination.

Bonus Features

As a classic three-reel slot machine, there aren’t any bonus features in Rock ‘n’ Roller per se, though players can take advantage of a number of extra payline options to help them boost their wins. First of all, any combination of blank spaces – i.e. when a symbol appears above or below the central payline – will pay back 2x players’ line bet, while any three musical instruments will pay 5x. On the next tier up, any combination of gold or platinum records on an enabled payline will award 100x players’ line bet, with a massive 700x being reserved for three platinum discs on the fifth payline.


Rock ‘n’ Roller allows players to adjust both their coin value from £0.01-£5.00 and their number of active paylines from 1-5. Combined, these two variables make the game playable for anywhere between £0.01 and £25.00 per spin, but players are advised that the biggest prizes are only available when all paylines are enabled. Pressing the “bet max” button will automatically load up the biggest wager possible, while clicking “spin” will get the reels turning at your currently selected stakes.


A retro experience that will have players fondly remembering the music and style of the 1950s, Rock ‘n’ Roller is a visually impressive take on the traditional three-reel slot machine. With rewards of up to 700x your line bet available for as little as £0.05 per spin, the game offers a great potential return on investment to players and won’t require them to break their bankroll while chasing big wins.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
3 5 No £0.01 £125

Special Features

Classic 3 Reel Layout

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