Streak of Luck

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Streak of Luck


Every now and then video slot players just know they’re about to embark on a hot a streak; and if you have that feeling, switching over to Playtech’s Streak Of Luck Jackpot could prove a wise choice. An incredibly innovative title, Streak Of Luck Jackpot features five reels, 50 paylines and an exciting streak metre which provides progressively bigger rewards the more consecutive wins players string together. Starting at four wins in a row, if players can keep the sequence going they’ll eventually unlock one of six jackpot payouts, while the game also boasts a special dice roll bonus feature.


Streak Of Luck begins with a short animated intro that depicts a domino rally-style sequence of lucky objects bumping into each other before eventually sending a jackpot prize metre shooting into orbit. In truth, it’s a fairly fitting analogy for how the game plays, with players being rewarded with free spins and huge cash prizes for matching lucky symbols like horseshoes, clovers and traditional cat figurines. A woman holding a handful of playing cards acts as a substitute wild, while two dice with the word “bonus” spelled out on them triggers an extra feature where further wins are up for grabs. The hum and murmur or casino ambience plays in the background during each spin, with a selection of increasingly dramatic sound effects playing the further players progress in their winning streak.

Bonus Features

As mentioned above, there are two bonus features in Streak Of Luck Jackpot, the first a free spins mode caused by chaining together winning sequences and the second a dice game where cash prizes are up for grabs. Dealing with them in order, once players have landed four consecutive wins they’ll automatically receive five free spins with a 2x multiplier. This bonus can, however, be improved by adding further sequential wins, with up to 60 free spins being accumulated before a tenth straight win awards a jackpot prize corresponding with your chosen stakes. Landing dice symbols on reels one, three and five, meanwhile, triggers a separate mini-game in which players roll two dice to earn prize multipliers, with three consecutive “lucky sevens” paying out a top award of 200x your stake.


Despite its innovative free spins system, Streak Of Luck Jackpot is an incredibly straightforward title to play that simply requires players to choose a bet per line amount between £0.01 and £0.40. This number is then multiplied by the game’s 50 paylines, resulting in the slot being playable for £0.50-£20.00 per spin. Each bet amount has a corresponding jackpot prize that will be displayed at the top right of the screen, while a turbo mode can also be enabled for faster gameplay.


When your luck’s in, it’s important to capitalise – and Streak Of Luck Jackpot enables players to do just that by providing an innovative bonus system that issues ever-improving rewards the more consecutive wins they record. With one of six tiered jackpots up for grabs plus a free spins system in which players can land 60 bonus games with a 2x multiplier, the game really is the perfect choice if you just know that you’re about to embark on an online hot streak.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
5 50 Yes £0.50 £20

Special Features

Wilds, Bonus Game, Scatters, Winning Streak Free Spins, Random Wilds, Progressive Jackpot

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