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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Video Roulette


Undoubtedly the most comprehensive roulette title on the market when it comes to analysing your own game, Playtech’s Video Roulette is a statistician’s dream that gives players far more information about their betting experience. Utilising an incredible list of stats including a heat map of where they’re winning the most money, Video Roulette enables players to make more informed betting choices based on the action as it unfolds, which in turn allows them to tailor their long-term strategy to secure future profits.


As with any other form of the game, the object of Video Roulette is to wager on the outcome of where on a roulette wheel a silver ball will land at the end of each spin. As a French version of the game, La Partage is in effect, meaning that when the ball lands on zero players receive half their stake back on all even money bets, further reducing the house edge. These even money bets include the usual options like odd or even, red or black or whether the number will be in the first or second half of the wheel, while an incredibly detailed betting board also allows players to wager on straight up numbers and unusual configurations like Voisins du Zero. Naturally, the less likely your outcome is to occur, the better odds you’ll receive on it happening, with straight up bets paying 35-to-1.


Despite featuring an incredibly advanced-looking user interface, Video Roulette actually plays in exactly the same way as virtually all other roulette titles by Playtech. First off, players need to select a chip denomination from £0.01-£2.00 and then they have to click the section or sections of the betting board that they wish to place said chip. Table stakes range from £0.10-£500.00 in general, although this can vary from outcome to outcome. The main difference in gameplay is the incredibly detailed list of stats that players can access by clicking the descriptions to the right of the screen, while the game also includes a turbo mode button and a number of one-click betting options.

Basic Strategy

Although the basic strategy for playing Video Roulette remains the same as playing any other roulette game – that is to say, balancing your bets to give you the best chance of making a long-term profit without resorting to long-shot outcomes – it is advisable to use the vast number of stats at your disposal to make better-informed betting choices. If there’s a particular bet that is consistently making you money, you should prioritise it over ones that aren’t playing so favourably and adjust your chip distribution accordingly to give yourself the best chance of future success.


One of the most detailed versions of roulette you’re ever likely to see online, Video Roulette includes a comprehensive list of statistics to help players keep better track of the action as it unfolds. Couple this with an impressive range of betting options capable of rivalling even Playtech’s Roulette Pro and you have a title that really does provide a thoroughly immersive casino game experience.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 No £0.10 £500

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