Reel Rush

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Reel Rush


Even for a software company that has steadily built up a reputation for creating interesting and quirky titles over the years, Reel Rush sets a new standard for video slot innovation. The first thing players will notice about the game is that the reels are laid out in an unconventional 1-3-5-3-1 formation to begin with, but with every consecutive winning payline, a new section of the gameboard will open up to create more payout options. This results in the slot eventually turning into a 5x5 grid where there are a staggering 3,125 ways to win and paves the way for huge prizes.


Aside from the slot’s highly unconventional gameboard, the first thing players are likely to notice about Reel Rush is that it’s background pays more than a passing homage to the landscapes used in classic Nintendo video games like Super Mario Brothers. This includes a highly stylised and slightly pixelated set of clouds, mountains and trees, with all symbols on the reels depicting different types of fruit in either block or lozenge shapes. Naturally this results in the game having a bright and colourful theme, while the gentle piece of music in the background gradually gets more dramatic and up-tempo as different sections of the board are opened on the way to landing bonus games.

Bonus Features

Reel Rush essentially plays like one bonus feature from start to finish thanks to the presence of an expanding gameboard and virtually ever-present re-spins. Players will notice a number of star icons above the reels, with the first one filling up when they land a winning payline. This will open up two additional spaces on the reels and award a free re-spin, with this process continuing until either a non-winning spin occurs and ends your streak or you trigger six consecutive wins. This will not only result in the reels now paying 3,125 different ways, but players will also be awarded eight free spins on this new 5x5 grid – with wild symbols on the central three reels making it even easier to win big.


Despite its innovative re-spin system, Reel Rush remains fairly faithful to traditional NetEnt design when it comes to the interface that controls players’ bets. Left and right arrows allow players to select both a bet level from 1-10 and a coin amount from £0.01-£0.20, with these two variables being combined to create a total cost per spin of £0.50-£100.00. Pays, meanwhile, are awarded for three or more matching symbols on consecutive reels, regardless of where they appear.


For an unusual video slot experience that’s both incredibly exciting and exceptionally rewarding, we strongly recommend that you take NetEnt’s innovative Reel Rush for a spin. The slot plays more like a video game than a conventional reel-based title – and with graphics and sounds to match, players really will be reminded of the 16-bit consoles of their childhood.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
5 No £0.50 £100

Special Features

Wilds, Free Spins, Re-Spins with increased paylines

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