Silent Run

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Silent Run


Get ready to rule the seas in NetEnt’s Silent Run, a five-reel, 25-payline title that sees players climb aboard a hulking submarine as they search out hidden wins and torpedo their way to huge prizes. Given the nature of the game, it’s not a huge surprise to see that sonar signals feature prominently in Silent Run, with two unique bonus icons appearing on the slot’s central reel. The first is an echo wild which can randomly search out hidden wilds lurking beneath the regular symbols, while the second uses the same technology to locate torpedoes that can then be used in the bonus feature.


Silent Run features an underwater warfare theme, with players clambering aboard a high-tech sub as they patrol the depths looking for enemies. The game’s background features a deep sea setting with underwater mines being visible in the murky depths, while the reels themselves are situated atop a metallic looking gameboard with the slot’s Soviet-style logo above. The unique symbols that feature in the game include submarines, ships and torpedoes, while the sonar symbol on the central reel triggers hidden wilds and the bonus feature. During the latter of these options, players will actually get to man the sub’s torpedo tube as they blast enemy ships and unlock bonus prizes.

Bonus Features

As mentioned above, there are two main bonuses in Silent Run and both are unlocked by landing red or green sonar symbols on the game’s central reel. The first is a wild bonus caused by the red sonar, which sends out three echoes in a bid to uncover hidden wilds on the reels. This will return a random number of wilds as any new paylines are calculated. The second feature, meanwhile, is more exciting and initially sends out an echo signal to uncover torpedoes. These torpedoes will then be transferred to the second part of the feature, which takes place inside the sub itself. Here, players will have to use the torpedo tube to target ships, with a prize awarded for each hit and a multiplier increasing by one after each shot. Naturally, the number of shots is dictated by the torpedoes uncovered.


An intuitive NetEnt slot, Silent Run features left and right arrow buttons to control both players’ bet level and their coin value. With the first ranging from 1-10 and the second running from £0.01-£0.50, these two numbers are combined and put through the game’s 25 paylines to make it playable for anywhere between £0.25 and £125.00 per spin. Up to 100 spins can also be launched using the autoplay button, while all lines and bonus rules can viewed under the paytable tab.


If you’re a fan of military manoeuvres and underwater combat, you’ll love the wartime atmosphere of Silent Run. The presence of two unique sonar symbols really adds to the base game excitement, with hidden wilds boosting your regular wins and the bonus feature providing a fun and rewarding distraction from regular reel-based play.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
5 25 No £0.21 £90

Special Features

Echo Bonus, Feature Bonus, Multiple Wilds

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