Space Wars

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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Space Wars


If you like your video slots fast, simple and above all else rewarding, you’ll love NetEnt’s Space Wars; a five-reel, 40-payline title that spins through the gears at light-speed as players stack up big wins. Somewhat unusually for a NetEnt title, the game does not feature any form of free spins bonus, with players instead receiving a unique Cloning Pod Re-spin whenever they trigger a winning payline. This will clone all of the winning symbols in a cool animated sequence and fire them back onto the reels for extra wins, with substitute wilds also helping players on their way to a top prize of 400,000 coins.


Space Wars features an intergalactic theme with various aliens and their spawn featuring on the reels. The game itself is set in front of a cosmic background, with a cratered planet and an asteroid belt both adding to the deep space feel. The console, meanwhile, is designed to look like the high tech apparatus you’d likely find on an alien ship, with a cloning pod situated to the right of the gameboard. Whenever a winning payline is triggered by matching one of the five uniquely designed aliens or their hatchling counterparts, these symbols will be stuffed into the cloning pod as a re-spin is triggered, with an appropriately dramatic sound effect and piece of music heralding this action.

Bonus Features

As mentioned above, Space Wars does away with the conventional free spins system used in the vast majority of NetEnt games in favour of providing players with a bonus re-spin whenever they trigger a winning payline. Should this happen, all of the aliens that feature in said payline will be stuffed into the cloning pod and then fired back out onto the reels, with this resulting in more of that particular icon being present during the re-spin. Naturally, this significantly improves players’ chances of landing subsequent wins and this feature comes around so often that it really can make a substantial difference to your winnings – especially when you clone one of the higher value symbols.


Space Wars plays in exactly the same way as most other NetEnt slots, with players using left and right arrows to select both a bet level from 1-10 and a coin value from £0.01-£0.50. These two variables are then combined and put through the slot’s 40 fixed paylines to create a total cost per spin of £0.40-£200.00, with all spins and re-spins taking place at absolutely breakneck speed to improve the overall gameplay.


For a straightforward slot experience that is capable of paying out substantial rewards without the aid of any long-winded bonus features, look no further than Space Wars. The game is simple enough to pick up and play in a matter of moments, but easy-to-land Cloning Pod Re-spin feature really does add an exciting element to base game spins that can also substantially improve players’ wins.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
5 40 No £0.40 £150

Special Features

Wilds, Re-Spins

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