Terms and Conditions

The Agreement

bgo Entertainment Ltd (company registration number 1839) is a company registered in Alderney. The registered office is at address Inchalla, Le Val, Alderney, GY9 3UL.

These terms of use apply to bgo Entertainment Ltd, hereinafter called (bgo.com or the Company).

Gambling services provided by bgo.com outside of Great Britain are regulated by its licence with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (the “AGCC”) as issued under section 7 of the Alderney Egambling Ordinance 2009. The licence was granted to bgo Entertainment Ltd on 10/01/2014.

Bgo.com is also licenced and regulated by the British Gambling Commission (the “GC”). Only gambling services provided by bgo.com in Great Britain are governed by its licence issued under the UK Gambling Act 2005.

The licensee should not be treated as a financial institution.

bgo.com is restricted to individuals of legal age of majority only. You have to be at least eighteen (18) years of age to play. Participation in any of the Casino games and/or the Bingo room (the "Game") is open only to residents (the "Player") of those jurisdictions where such participation is legal. The Player acknowledges by entering the Game, that the Player is a resident in a jurisdiction where such activity is legal. Participation in the activities and games of bgo.com is void wherever prohibited by law.

The Player understands that the Game is for entertainment purposes only. The Player understands and acknowledges that no purchase is necessary or required to play the Game. If a player wishes to play without betting real money, he/she may do so. Any purchases made are consumed instantly when playing and no return of goods, refunds or cancellation of services may be provided. If your participation in the Game is illegal, then you will not be entitled to collect any winnings and bgo.com reserves the right to recover any winnings already received by you and/or anyone acting on your behalf and report you to the relevant authorities.

Employees of the company operating bgo.com, its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, subsidiaries or other agencies, suppliers, retailers and members of the immediate families of each are not eligible to participate in the Game.

The Player is not required to participate in the Game and such participation, if elected by Player, is at Player's sole option, discretion and risk. Materials of the Game (whether electronically obtained or obtained by other means) are automatically void if counterfeited, mutilated, forged, altered or tampered with in any way, if illegible, mechanically or electronically reproduced, obtained outside authorised legitimate channels or if they contain printing, production, typographical, mechanical, electronic or any other errors.

Any and all materials submitted for prize claims become the property of the Company and will not be returned. The Company is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, incomplete, damaged, mutilated, misdirected, or postage due mail, requests, prize claims or entries. Liability for materials of the Game containing any error is limited to replacement.

If you have not logged into your account or otherwise not accessed or used it for a continuous period of 365 days, your account shall be deemed to be dormant. If your account becomes dormant we will use all reasonable endeavours to contact you to determine your wishes in respect of any unutilized real funds. If the player fails to log in for a following continuous period of 365 days, all deposited funds remaining in the account balance will be donated to a charity for responsible gambling. An administration fee shall be applied for the handling of a dormant account. If the player has deceased then bgo.com will make all reasonable endeavours to locate his/her immediate family and pay any outstanding balance to them. Where we are unable to contact a player to determine their wishes we reserve the right to void all balances and suspend the account. Any real funds deducted from the account balance will be donated to a charity focused on gambling addiction. These funds may not be refunded after the deduction has been made.

Player funds are held in a separate bank account from business accounts. The account is named ‘Client Account’ to distinguish it from the other business accounts held by the Company and as such, these funds are protected according to the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Under the British Gambling Commissions customer funds rating system, this meets the requirements for the segregation of customer funds at the level: basic. Accordingly, funds are deemed to be unprotected in the specific event of insolvency. The Company’s parent undertaking has guaranteed its intentions to provide financial support to enable the Company to meet its liabilities, including Player funds, as they fall due. Should the company cease to operate under its current guise all reasonable endeavours to pay monies back to the player will be made. In the event that no successful contact can be made, the player will have a period no longer than 120 days from the date of which the company ceases to operate to make contact and reclaim their funds. Should the player fail to contact the company, all outstanding real and bonus funds will be made void and donated to a charity focused on gambling addiction. These funds may not be refunded after the 120 day period has passed.

Taxes, if any on any prize are the sole responsibility of the player. bgo.com cannot offer tax advice to any player from any jurisdiction.

By accepting prize and/or winnings, Player consents to the use of his/her name for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law. Player, by acceptance of prize, acknowledges compliance with all rules herein. The Company makes no representations or warranties, implicit or explicit, as to the legal right for Player to participate in the Games nor shall any of the Company's employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents or retailers have the authority to make any such representations or warranties.

The Company shall not be required to maintain usernames or passwords. If Player misplaces, forgets, loses, or is otherwise unable to enter bgo.com because of anything other than Company error or, if a player should give away, tell, share or lose their username and password, the Company will not be responsible and will not be held liable for any claims regarding that account. Personal security relating to any account is the sole responsibility of the Player. Any accusation of fraud or misuse will result in the immediate suspension of the account. bgo.com is not obliged to provide evidence to prove or disprove such fraudulent use, unless requested by legal authorities.

The Terms & Conditions contained herein may be modified and/or amended only by the Company posting such modification and/or amendment in the "Terms & Conditions" section of the website. The Company shall not be liable for computer malfunctions nor attempts by Player to participate in the Games by methods, means or ways not intended by the Company. The Company reserves the right to cancel Player's account for any reason and issue any balance in Player's account at the time of such cancellation. Providing all Terms and Conditions are adhered to, a player may request the closure of their account either in writing or by email to support@bgo.com. A player may also request Self Exclusion or Cooling Off periods from their account as set out in our Responsible Gambling section.

The Terms & Conditions contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the Player and the Company and supersedes and merges all prior agreements, representations and understandings between the Player and the Company.

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General Terms Of Use

By entering the website, opening an account at the website, playing at bgo.com, use and reuse of such an account, participation in the Game, or acceptance of any prize, Player hereby represents warrants and certifies all of the following:

  1. Player shall periodically review, at a rate not less than once monthly, these Terms & Conditions of bgo.com as posted at the website.
  2. Player fully understands, agrees to, becomes a party to and shall abide by all rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions contained herein and as such rules, regulations, terms and conditions may change from time-to-time.
  3. Player's identity will be determined on a basis of all or a combination of the following information: name, mailing address, email address, IP address, MAC address, credit/debit card number and any other type of identification that maybe required.
  4. Residents of the USA, US/GB Virgin Islands, US Minor Outlying Territories, Spain, Italy, France, Afghanistan, Libya, Sierra Leona, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mali, Sudan, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Estonia, Singapore, UAE or Hungary may not place financial transactions, nor win any prize within the game.
  5. bgo.com is not at liberty to return deposited funds or winnings until such a time that the identification process has been completed. Any Player who fails to assist bgo in verifying their identity may have their account suspended and funds seized in accordance with our Suspected Fraud & Misuse policy.
  6. Player understands all time frames, limitations and processing fees for deposits and withdrawals as set out in the relevant section of bgo.com.
  7. Player fully understands that any suspicious activity, as set out in our Prevention of Money Laundering Regulations, may result in amongst other measures, the reporting of any such activity to the relevant authorities.
  8. Player is over the age of legal majority; i.e. player is an "adult" as that term is legally defined in Player's jurisdiction.
  9. Player shall not allow any other person or third party including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse Player's account, access and/or use any materials or information from the Web site, accept any prize, or participate in the Games.
  10. Players that are parents or in charge of minors must undertake the necessary precautions to prevent their children or other minors from accessing their account, particularly on mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones).
  11. Player has the full, complete and unrestricted legal right to participate in the Game and Player's participation in the Games is not prohibited in the player's jurisdiction.
  12. Player does not find the Games or the website to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, nor indecent.
  13. Player understands that the Games are for entertainment value only. Player understands and acknowledges that no purchase is necessary or required to play the Game.
  14. Player shall hold the Company, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents and retailers harmless and shall fully indemnify the same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of Player's;
    1. entry, use, or reuse of the website
    2. use of any materials at the website
    3. entry, use, or reuse of the Bingo Server
    4. participation in the Game, or,
    5. acceptance of any Prize.
  15. Player understands that bgo Entertainment Ltd takes no responsibility whatsoever, direct or indirect, for losses that may occur to the player when playing the Game. bgo Entertainment Ltd will not be liable for any financial loss to the Player in any of the following scenarios:
    1. In the event of a force majeure
    2. In the event of the cancellation of a game for any reason
    3. Failure of bgo Entertainment’s central computer system or any part thereof, delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system
    4. An outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism
    5. The acts of government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any licence or consent)
    6. Fire, explosion, flood, theft, malicious damage, strike, lockout or industrial action of any kind
  16. Whereupon a dispute should occur between bgo Entertainment Ltd and any of its members, bgo.com will make accessible to the member a detailed transaction record. Such information will also be made available to a legitimate third party (e.g. a judge or court) if the player so agrees. Any unresolved disputes or complaints may be passed to the AGCC. Any legal disputes between Player and bgo.com are to be solved in Alderney courts, according to Alderney laws and regulations. The outcome of such disputes will be sent to the GC providing the player is resident in Great Britain.
  17. The Company makes every effort to ensure that errors or mistakes do not occur in any game or with any transaction relating to the players account. The Company reserves the right to void all winnings or cash-ins enabled by wins resulting from any obvious error or mistake or any technical fault (including, but not limited to, incorrect game payouts) with any of the games or services offered. The player agrees to forfeit any winnings/losses that result from such errors or mistakes or technical faults.
  18. Player may not have more than one account. If bgo.com detects a Player with more than one account, we reserve the right delete the superfluous account(s). No bonus given to the superfluous account or winnings will be honoured. Any funds lost will not be eligible for a refund.
  19. If a player has been found to have opened multiple accounts for the purposes of obtaining additional bonus funds or an unfair advantage, we reserve the right to close all accounts and retain any balance or withdrawal associated with the accounts. Where these rules cannot be applied for any reason, the reallocation or reimbursement of funds will be at the discretion of bgo management. In the event of funds being reallocated or reimbursed, an administration fee shall apply.
  20. The personal details of all bgo.com users will be held in confidence unless users agree to the disclosure of such information or prior consent is given within the terms of use of bgo.com.
  21. Player understands that the terms “Xbingo”, "bgo", “bgo.com”, “bgo Casino” and “bgo Bingo” are the trademarks, service marks, and trade names of the Company and Player obtains no rights to such terms, nor any other terms, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies, by using the website and the material contained therein.
  22. Player's interest in the Game and the Website is personal and not professional; Players playing the Game is solely for Player's own personal entertainment and any other entrance, access, use or reuse of the Game or the website by Player is strictly prohibited.
  23. Player shall not participate in the Game, open, use or reuse an account, enter the website nor accept any prize if Player does not fully understand, agree to, become a party to and shall abide by, without exception, all rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions contained herein and as such rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions may change from time to time.
  24. Any player suspected of gaining an advantage by misuse of any promotional material will have all funds frozen and their account suspended until such a time that the company is satisfied with the outcome of further investigation. Misuse of promotions includes but is not limited to all deposit based bonuses, abuse of any free room entry policies in Bingo and/or free cash games, chat game bonuses and any other promotional offers that the company may offer from time to time. Players may enter a maximum of 200 free promotional games per calendar week. Any more than this agreed quota will be considered abuse of the promotional games. Minimal risk wagering in an attempt to hasten any wagering requirements is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to all Casino games and even money odds (or lower) in Virtual Sports. Players deemed to be using minimal risk wagering tactics to redeem their bonuses or cash prizes risk having their bonuses, cash prizes and any subsequent winnings removed.
  25. The Player understands that where bgo Entertainment suspects or has identified a player with a potential gambling addiction, our policy as responsible gaming operators is to suspend the account immediately. We reserve the right to void all winnings at our discretion; each instance to be reviewed on an individual basis.
  26. Any progressive jackpots in the Game may be removed at any time, at the discretion of the management. bgo.com will not be at liberty to dispense any funds accrued from these progressive jackpots to players.
  27. Players must deposit real money into their bgo account before any withdrawal can be made. Where a new payment method is added, players must first make a successful deposit to assist in verifying the new payment option before any withdrawal can be made.
  28. Player understands that a “deposit” is defined as funds transferred from a payment method to the designated bgo account. Reversed withdrawals do not count as a deposit and as such, do not qualify for any deposit based promotion nor towards any financial limits or restrictions which may otherwise be applicable.
  29. Unless other stated in promotion specific terms & conditions, non-funded accounts can be used to play, win and withdraw up to £20 in real money. The maximum win for non-funded players on all games is £20. If winnings are more than £20 at the point of the first deposit, the player will be entitled to £20 of the accrued free funds and the remainder of the balance will become void. The deposited amount and any additional bonus will not be affected by the deductions.
  30. Any promotions offered by bgo to players, including but not limited to: deposit based bonuses, promotional Bingo rooms, promotional tournaments or any other promotional game(s) are done so with no contractual obligation by the site to any player and are subject to change at the discretion of management at any time. Where a player disputes their entitlement to any promotion, the decision of bgo will be final.
  31. Maximum potential win in any calendar day, from 00:00 to 23:59:59 GMT (or BST where appropriate) on Virtual Sports is £20,000 (GBP). Any winnings paid over this amount shall be forfeit and stakes returned where appropriate. Any stake placed whereby the potential payout exceeds the daily maximum payout will not be refunded in any part.
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Suspected Fraud & Misuse

We reserve the right to retain all funds in your Account (and to suspend or withdraw access to the Site, the Games and/or the Software) if you are in breach of any terms of this Agreement, you are suspected of fraud, abuse of promotions or improper or unlawful activity (whether in connection with the Site, the Games, the Software or otherwise).

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Payments Service Agreement

With the exception of promotions, the minimum deposit at bgo.com from any payment method is £10 (GBP) or currency equivalent. Whilst bgo will not charge any player for making a deposit, an administration charge of not less than £1 per every transaction made may be levied against anyone found to be abusing the deposit facility for any reason. Abuse includes but is not limited to;

  1. Multiple deposits to gain any advantage of bonus funds
  2. Abuse of credit card perks
  3. Money laundering

Any withdrawals must be processed to the same method from which the original deposit came from. In the instance of 2 deposit methods active on a single account, the method from which has the highest financial deficit to bgo.com will be used until all methods have a financial balance of Zero (0). The Player may choose a preferred method for which to withdraw to should all payment methods be balanced.

Player’s may select a withdrawal reversal period when they choose to withdraw. Withdrawals will only be processed when this period has elapsed. When withdrawal requests are processed back to the chosen payment method, bgo is no longer responsible for any processing times. bgo.com is not liable for any charges incurred by Player due to any delay in processing withdrawals.

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Important Withdrawal Points

  1. The minimum withdrawal amount is £20.
  2. Player may only request up to 10 withdrawals per day. Any financial limits placed on the account may supersede this rule.
  3. A withdrawal cannot be made until any wagering conditions attached to an active bonus have been met.
  4. All withdrawal services are free of charge, with the exception of any international bank transfers. We reserve the right to levy a charge of £15 (sterling) for this service. Should any withdrawal be returned to bgo due to invalid payment details, we reserve the right to levy a charge of £5 for administration work caused by the reversal.
  5. bgo Entertainment reserve the right to withhold, prevent, suspend or reclaim any withdrawal request at any time.

Security Verification Documents

In order to verify the identity of our players, we will request certain documents from the Player to assist us in doing so. These documents must be valid where an expiry date is applicable and/or as recent as possible. Player should be aware that any financial transactions to or from the bgo.com website may be suspended pending the receipt and verification of said security documents.

The documents that we require are:

Photographic ID: We require valid, up to date photo documentation. These ID documents can be in the form of a Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card, Employment ID or any other form of official ID which has been signed by the Player.

Proof of Address: We must be able to verify the address as registered on your bgo.com account. A recent utility bill, doctor’s note, solicitors letter, bank statement or any other document sent to the Player’s registered address is acceptable. This document must be no more than 3 months old at the time of verification. The full address and recipient’s name, as well as date of sending and senders stamp/headed logo must be visible Please note that mobile phone statements are not acceptable as valid proof of address.

Additional or Notarized Documents may be required should we not be able to verify your identity using those as listed above. This process is non-negotiable under the terms of our license and must be completed by all Players from whom it is requested.

bgo Entertainment Ltd complies with all Anti Money Laundering policies.

No credit is available for any player at bgo.com.

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General Bonus Rules

The player accepts and understands that any bonus funds paid for promotional purposes is not real cash until specific wagering requirements have been met. Bonus funds may only be used on pre-determined sections of the Game and will not contribute to any progressive jackpot offered within the Game. If Players balance reaches £0.20 (20p) or less whilst a bonus is active on the account and a subsequent deposit is made, all wagering conditions will be deemed complete and any restrictions related to any active bonuses removed from the account. Player should assume that the wagering conditions for any bonus awarded, unless otherwise stated, follow these principles:

  • Bonus offers and promotions will have their own individual terms and conditions in relation to game inclusions and/or exclusions.
  • Bonuses must be wagered a predetermined number of times before any withdrawal request can be made. Refer to the terms and conditions of the offer for this information.
  • Cash funds will always be used before Bonus funds.
  • All wins from Bonus wagers will be credited to the Cash balance.
  • All Cash bets contribute towards meeting bonus wagering requirements.
  • Any withdrawal request made whilst a bonus is active on the account will be refused until any outstanding bonus wagering conditions have been met.
  • Wagers on certain games do not count in full towards the bonus wagering requirement. Listed below are the % contributions for each game type:

Game Type

Contribution to wagering requirements

Bingo Rooms (Tickets purchased)


Virtual Sports


Slots games (exclusions apply*)




Video Poker


Table Poker










Keno Games


Progressive Games


All other games


*Excluded games: Click Here for an up-to-date list of Excluded Games.

For example, redeeming a £10 bonus with a 5x wagering requirement (£10 x 5 = £50 wagering requirement), the Player may meet the wagering requirement in the following ways:

  • By spending £50 on Bingo tickets (£50 / 100% = £50)
  • By wagering £200 on Slot games (£50 / 25% = £200)
  • By wagering £1,000 on Video Poker (£50 / 5% = £1,000)
  • By wagering £2,000 on Blackjack, Baccarat and Table Poker games (£50 / 2.5% = £2,000)

Where a deposit is required to trigger a bonus, the sum of the triggering deposit and the bonus amount awarded will need to be wagered to meet the wagering requirement.

For example, the Player claims a 200% bonus with a 5x wagering requirement:

  • A £10 deposit is made and £20 in bonus is awarded (£10 x 200% = £20 Bonus)
  • The wagering requirement is (£10 Deposit + £20 Bonus) x 5 = £150 Wagering Requirement

All of the same game percentage contributions above apply to this rule. Unless otherwise stated, the maximum amount of bonus available to a player will be the same monetary value of the percentage offered. For example, a 50% bonus will be £50 maximum, 100% will be £100, 200% is £200, etc.

In the interests of fair gaming, there is a limit on the maximum bet size players can place while meeting the wagering requirement of any bonus. This limit is £10.00. Any withdrawal derived from bets larger than this limit will be subject to a further wagering requirement. The value of the withdrawal will be added to your Bonus Balance and will be subject to a further wagering requirement of 10x and a maximum bet size of £10.00. Any game contribution percentages will continue to apply to the additional wagering requirements.

The Company reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or void winnings and bonuses for irregular play. The wording ‘irregular play’ may include, but is not limited to, placing larger bets leading to a substantial gain followed by a drop in bet size equal to or greater than 75% of the previous average bet size in order to complete the wagering requirements for that bonus.

By participating in any bonus, you agree to be bound by these rules and to the decisions of the Company (whose decisions are final and binding in all respects). The Company reserves the right to update these rules at any time without notification. It is the responsibility of the Player to check for updates.

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Controlling your Spending

bgo.com is obliged to offer all players the facility to limit their spending in the Game. Players may access the Limits facility via their ‘My Account’ section of the website once logged in. Customer Services can also assist with the implementation of any spending limits. Players may limit their spend over a day/week/month respectively and each amount may be different.

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Player Protection

bgo Entertainment Ltd is committed to responsible gambling and support both Gambleaware and Gamcare. Full details on our responsible gambling policy can be found here.

Players may choose to Self Exclude themselves from bgo.com at any time. Self Exclusion is for a minimum period of 6 months to a maximum of 5 years. If a Player Self Excludes their account, they will not be able to access their account and all reasonable endeavours will be made by the company to prevent any attempt to open new accounts.

Players may also choose a ‘Cooling Off’ period to temporarily suspend activity to their account for a period of up to 3 days.

To Self Exclude or Cool Off, please visit our Responsible Gaming page by following the link above.

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When things don’t go right

Players may contact our Customer Support team in an attempt to resolve any dispute between Player and the Company. Where the Customer Support Manager is unable to assist further, Player’s may contact the bgo.com Operations Manager, who will attempt to resolve any situation amicably. In the event that no resolution can be found, Players have the following option:

Players resident in Great Britain (Regulated under GC licence)

bgo.com has appointed Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) as the Arbitrator from Dispute Resolution (ADR). The Player has free right of access to the ADR function. AGCC may be contacted in this respect at info@AGCC.org.

The Player accepts that AGCC will not arbitrate on matters already, or that during the arbitration become, subject to court action, or on matters which in AGCC’s opinion are more properly referred to the regulator as breaches of regulation.

AGCC will only arbitrate on a dispute in which the Player:

·Has previously raised with bgo.com, and documented in writing the substance of dispute.

·Promptly makes available to AGCC, on request, all records on the subject of dispute and the relevant activity and all relevant correspondence.

·Consents to the sharing by bgo.com of the Player’s personal data with AGCC for this purpose.

·Agrees to be bound by the ruling of AGCC, save that appeal against a ruling may be made to the Executive Director of AGCC but only on the grounds that the dispute has been so seriously mishandled by AGCC’s ADR team as to result in manifest unfairness.

The Player accepts and agrees that AGCC will incur no liability of any sort arising out of or in connection with its role as ADR.

Players resident outside Great Britain (Regulated under AGCC licence)

Players should contact the AGCC via their website which can be found here.

bgo.com agrees to abide by any decision made by the AGCC and will assist them in their investigation into the dispute.

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Wrapping up

This is a theme website and all actual gaming takes place on the gaming server, located in Alderney. This casino site is wholly owned, run and operated by the Company.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Additional terms & conditions for games provided by International Game Technology apply. Click here to read more.

This agreement falls under Alderney Jurisdiction as such is governed by the Laws of Alderney.

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