Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack has arrived at bgo Live! You can start experiencing all of the thrills of a real Casino Blackjack table from the comfort of your own home.

With Live Blackjack, you'll be able to choose your position at a table and play with up to 7 others as you take on the dealer. You'll also get to see the cards being changed out and being shuffled, just as you would at a regular Casino.

Playing Live Blackjack is easy. Just follow these very simple steps:

  • Open the Live Blackjack lobby.
  • Select your preferred game variant and dealer.
  • Choose a position to sit at the table. Remember - the last seat is always the most important!
  • Once you're seated, wait for the next round of betting to start. The dealer will announce this and the game will also ask you to place your bets.
  • Place your bets and be sure to click the Confirm button. If the confirm button doesn't appear, you will need to place more chips on the table until the minimum bet is reached.
  • Wait for your cards to be dealt and play as you would in a real casino!

You can start enjoying this fantastic game right now at bgo Live.