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88 Fortunes

With the number eight being associated with luck in Asian cultures, it should come as no surprise to players that 88 Fortunes hammers home this point both in terms of its graphics and bet amounts.

Indeed, the game is available to play form £0.08 to £88 per spin and features five credit modes, each of which results in a greater number of higher value symbols appearing on the reels. These modes also dictate what jackpot level you’ll be playing for, so the more you invest the more you can win.


88 Fortunes features an Asian theme that heavily focuses on objects that are associated with luck. The colour scheme is a rich palette of red and gold, with the icons on the reels including lucky coins, gold ingots, gongs and Fu Bat jackpot symbols. A piece of traditional Chinese mandolin music helps keep the atmosphere authentic, while the sound effects that greet wins are also refreshingly crisp.

Bonus Features

There are two main bonus modes available in 88 Fortunes, one being the jackpot feature and the other doling out 10 free spins. The former can be activated at random whenever a Fu Bat symbol appears on the second, third or fourth reel but is guaranteed when one features on all three reels, with players then having to turn over matching coins to reveal their jackpot amount. The latter, meanwhile, is activated when three or more gong scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard and transports players to a new set of reels where no lower value icons are present.


88 Fortunes is incredibly simple in terms of gameplay so long as players understand the way the different credit modes work. Essentially, your credit level is multiplied by your bet per spin to give you your total wager, with the cheapest spin at the highest level costing you £0.88. Playing at the highest level will give you access to more valuable icons and all four jackpot prize amounts – making it a shrewd investment for players on bigger bankrolls – while the slot also pays the full 243 ways.


If you want the prospect of winning huge jackpot prizes without breaking the bank, 88 Fortunes provides the perfect balance between risk and reward. While the biggest incentives are reserved for those playing at the highest credit level, at a starting cost of £0.88, this still won’t wipe out your bankroll and will put you in the frame to win a 2,000 coin top payout.

Reels Ways Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
5 243 No £0.88 £88.00

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