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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Beat The Bank


If you’ve always dreamed of pulling off a heist of Ocean’s 11 proportions but lack the wherewithal or contacts to assemble an all-star cast of hustlers, Beat The Bank offers a more accessible alternative. A nine-symbol instant-win scratch card from Virtue Fusion, Beat The Bank enables players to put their safe-cracking skills to the test and potentially unlock a six-figure jackpot prize; but only if they can outsmart the banker and find three flawless diamonds hidden deep with the game’s vaults.


Beat The Bank features a money-driven theme that revolves around opening locked safes to uncover hidden riches. The slot features a balding banker holding a briefcase in the background, with a 3x3 grid of safe symbols needing to be scratched off in order to reveal various prize symbols. These symbols include coins, cheques, bundles of cash, gold bars, precious gems and the bank itself, with the game’s progressive jackpot prize being displayed at the top of the scratch card at all times.

Bonus Features

The most valuable item in the Beat The Bank vaults is a flawless diamond symbol that can be used to trigger the game’s progressive jackpot prize. Players uncovering three of these incredibly rare icons will be entitled to the share of the progressive jackpot fund displayed at the top of the scratch card, with this amount varying based on the stakes they are playing for. Shares range from 2% to 100% at the game’s top betting level, with the maximum prize frequently paying out six-figure sums.


As with all scratch cards in the Virtue Fusion range, the gameplay in Beat The Bank is incredibly straightforward and simply requires players to uncover three matching symbols to win a prize. Payouts are displayed in a table to the right of the scratchable panel, while plus and minus arrow buttons can be used to adjust your autoplay settings or change your bet amount per game. The stakes available range from £0.10-£5.00, but players will need to bet the maximum amount in order to get their hands on the entire jackpot prize fund.


Beat The Bank enables players to live out all of their safe-cracking fantasies from the comfort of their living room thanks to its original design and huge payout potential. Like all Virtue Fusion scratchers, the game is incredibly intuitive – with all game controls and necessary information displayed on one screen – and the presence of a progressive jackpot prize fund provides plenty of excitement as players scratch their way to a small fortune.

Reels Paylines Progressive Min Bet Max Bet
0 0 Yes £0.10 £5

Special Features

Classic 9 symbol Scratchcard, Progressive Jackpot

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