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Cool Jewels


For a WMS Gaming title that plays more like a computer game than a conventional video slot, look no further than Cool Jewels – the studio’s first title to utilise the exploding pays engine. Featuring an unconventional 6x6 grid and symbols that drop into place, the goal of Cool Jewels is to match clusters of four or more symbols which then detonate to be replaced with new icons. While that may sound simple enough, the game features a number of enhancements including special effect wilds and two metres adjacent to the reels that build to earn increased wins and free spins.


Cool Jewels is a gem-based puzzle game that includes all manner of precious stones as its regular symbols. This line-up is bolstered by three types of wild – shocking, shattering and unstable – with each of these boasting its own unique ability. The game also features premium and bonus symbols which award bigger prizes and contribute towards the free spins feature respectively, while the background music provides an oddly relaxing counter-point to the constantly exploding gems.

Bonus Features

Cool Jewels benefits from three unique wilds which not only have their own special abilities, but can also be combined to create enhanced effects. On their own, shocking wilds destroy all diagonal icons when triggered, shattering wilds destroy all horizontal and vertical icons and unstable wilds destroy all adjacent icons. When two wilds appear next to each other, however, a wild combo is created that can either destroy an area, turn further symbols wild or provide a 10x multiplier on your next drop.

Additionally, the more gems you destroy the more your prize metre builds, with subsequent winning combinations becoming more valuable. This also applies to free spins, which are triggered whenever four or more bonus symbols are destroyed, with more spins being added for each new symbol.


While it may sound incredibly complicated, it’s actually not too hard to get your head around Cool Jewels once you’ve seen what the various wild combinations can do. In terms of gameplay, players are only required to choose their starting wager from £0.50-£200.00 and hit spin, with the slot doing the rest automatically. A full description of how each wild combination is activated and what its effects are can also be found using the information button at the bottom-left of the console.


Essentially, Cool Jewels is a slot machine in name alone, with the game playing much more like an arcade-style title throughout. Though initially daunting due to its various wild combinations and prize metres, once you’ve had a few spins on the slot, you’ll soon get the hang of how things work and can simply sit back and enjoy your wins racking up in a shower of exploding gem fragments.

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