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200% Bonus On First Deposit
200% Bonus On First Deposit

Golden Balls Quick Scratch


If you’re exhausted from a long session at the virtual gaming tables and need something that offers the potential for huge prizes without the brain power required to play blackjack or roulette, look no further than Golden Balls Quick Scratch. Featuring a simple nine-symbol layout and a progressive jackpot prize fund that frequently breaches £250,000, this instant-win scratcher from Virtue Fusion is the perfect title for players looking to let off some steam while also putting themselves in the frame for some life-changing wins.


Featuring an incredibly simple graphical design, the clue to Golden Balls Quick Scratch’s theme definitely lies in its name. The game’s scratchable panel unsurprisingly includes nine golden balls which can be rubbed off individually to reveal coloured orbs, with any three matching colours awarding the prize displayed on the paytable on the right of the screen. Sparkling gold buttons help add to the game’s luxurious feel, while a glittering jackpot bar at the top of the screen is always on hand to display the top prize award that players are currently shooting for.

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The main attraction of Golden Balls Quick Scratch is obviously the presence of a progressive jackpot prize fund, with this allowing players to get their hands on a six-figure prize payout in a single game. The current jackpot fund is always displayed at the top of the screen and is won by matching three lime green orbs, with the share of the prize you win always being determined by your ticket price.


In terms of gameplay, Golden Balls Quick Scratch couldn’t be any easier to get to grips with. Clearly labelled buttons on the left of the screen help players choose their stake per game from £0.10 to £5.00, while an autoplay counter can also be increased or decreased to queue up to 100 consecutive games. When scratching manually, players simply have to click each golden ball to reveal a coloured orb, with this process being automatically completed by the game when autoplay is enabled.


While it’s always satisfying to use your smarts to outplay the dealer and win big, every now and then it can pay to leave your fate in the lap of the gods with an instant-win scratcher. Naturally, if you’re going to leave your fortunes down to chance, you may as well do so on a title that offers the prospect of six-figure payouts – and Golden Balls Quick Scratch is just one such game that combines the thrill of regular instant wins with the prospect of life-changing prizes

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No £0.10 £5

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