What is Virtual Sports?

bgo sports is a fun and exciting way to enjoy sports betting 24/7. Each event or race is completely computer generated with near real life graphics and sounds. As a player at bgo, you can place bets on various sporting events such as tennis and cycling.

The bgo Velodrome

Join in the race at the bgo velodrome, watch the lifelike virtual cycling race and place your bets using the betting slip to choose the cyclists that you think will win. Each race consists of 3 laps with up to 9 riders jostling for position in this high speed, adrenaline fuelled race.

Fritton Lawn Tennis Club

Join in all the excitement of professional tennis at the Fritton lawn Tennis Club. With two players to choose from you need to weight the odds carefully to decide for yourself who might win. To add to the excitement, you can also bet on the correct score of a game or the total number of points scored by both players during the match. Also look out for the close up shots of the Aces and the backhands too!

The Betting Slip

The bgo betting slip is how you can place your bets. The slip will remember the events that you have chosen to bet on and when you place your bet the money will be taken from your bgo account.
When you select your stake the slip will estimate the potential winnings based on the Odds. Within 2 minutes of the end of the race or match, all bets are settled and any winnings will be paid. If you want to clear your bets and start again use the clear slip button down in the bottom left. If you are not yet logged in or created a bgo, you can still add you bets to your slip and then when you are ready you can make an account and deposit or login.
You can make lots of bets at the same time, just add them to you betting slip as you want, don’t forget the no more bets rule below though!

Keeping Track

To help you keep track of your bets, we display all open bets and any bets you have placed that have been settled that day on the right hand side of the screen. You will be able to see when any event is actually running as there will be a green flashing light next to your bet. Within 2 minutes of any event finishing, all bets will be settled. Any Open Bets you had on an event will automatically move to the Result section.

You can also view the full detail of all bets placed and any winning paid to you by viewing you recent transactions by clicking the Wallet link within the Account section.

No More Bets

If a race or event has started or has reached the cut-off point then you can no longer place a bet. You can only bet on a future event, not the ones that are currently being displayed in the video.

The Results

Use the Sports Results link in the red bar to find out the outcomes of the races and events at bgo virtual sports. You can search by day and by sport and any bets that you have made will be highlighted and any winnings will be shown here too. To save you searching, any bets you have placed that day will display in the ‘My Results’ section. By clicking the magnifying glass you will be able to review the full result for that event.

You can also view the full detail of all bets placed and any winning paid to you by viewing you recent transactions by clicking the Wallet link within the Account section.

How Does it Work?

All the virtual sports at bgo are computer generated presentations of real sports. The outcomes of the races are decided by the draw of random numbers. The random numbers drawn decide which runner or participant wins the event or race; the second will decide the second place or runner up and so on.

The Random number generator used has been certified and independently verified by an external testing house to the specification defined by the Isle of Man GSC.

Need Help?

If you are new to bgo Sports and want to find out more, feel free to browse our frequently asked questions.

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To help get you started, we've put together an easy to understand explanation of all the bet types you can enjoy at bgo Sports.

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