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17:34 bgo Velodrome Blaze Aguirre
Kevin Havard v Mark Bragg Player 1 Win
17:31 bgo Velodrome Basil Waters
Milos Slavik v Gerald Painter Player 2 Win
17:28 bgo Velodrome Neville White
Dimitrios Sanna v Giancarlo Bianco Player 2 Win
17:25 bgo Velodrome Vernon Alvarado
Helmut Hauer v Rajko Petr Player 1 Win
17:22 bgo Velodrome Preston Hyde
Emilio Rossi v Saman Ranatunga Player 2 Win
17:19 bgo Velodrome Davis Gray
Pat Trash v Atle Sundberg Player 2 Win
17:16 bgo Velodrome Austin Walker
Prince Loper v Louis-Abel Blanc Player 1 Win
17:13 bgo Velodrome Austin Franks
Narcisse Lefevre v Mika Takala Player 2 Win
17:10 bgo Velodrome Felix Bowen
Colm Daly v Otto von Nostitz Player 2 Win
17:07 bgo Velodrome Asher Waters
Yaropolk Vlasic v Jerome Cloquet Player 1 Win
17:04 bgo Velodrome Jesse Serrano
Orfeo Trujillo v Rasto Zdenka Player 2 Win
17:01 bgo Velodrome Ali Malone
Naz Demerci v Justin Rosenblatt Player 2 Win
16:58 bgo Velodrome Amir Grant
Lee Barksdale v Mika Takala Player 1 Win

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