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Alberto Benitez v Jenki Vastag Player 1 Win
08:01 bgo Velodrome Kermit Knowles
David Staten v William Qualls Player 1 Win
07:58 bgo Velodrome Mason Kelley
Helmut Hauer v Louis Dupre Player 2 Win
07:55 bgo Velodrome Basil Burgess
Jacek Poplawski v Markus Ek Player 1 Win
07:52 bgo Velodrome Jasper Diaz
Tomas Dvorak v Kjell Norling Player 2 Win
07:49 bgo Velodrome Stephen Rhodes
Shripati Jain v Jenki Vastag Player 1 Win
07:46 bgo Velodrome Ian Morgan
Prince Loper v Russell Sorrells Player 1 Win
07:43 bgo Velodrome Noah Lewis
Timotei Dalca v Yuri Kovacikova Player 2 Win
07:40 bgo Velodrome Drew Hernandez
Markus Ek v Atle Sundberg Player 1 Win
07:37 bgo Velodrome Perry Rosa
Rafael Pereira v Gerald Painter Player 2 Win
07:34 bgo Velodrome Christopher Wise
Artur Lalande v Reinhardt Becker Player 2 Win
07:31 bgo Velodrome Austin Franks
Roy Pulley v Minh Nyugen Player 2 Win
07:28 bgo Velodrome Tad Ford
Helmut Hauer v Frank Gallo Player 1 Win
07:25 bgo Velodrome Stone Vaughn

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